NYCC was fun, but that Sexy Nerds After Party was off the Hook

This weekend was more than just New York Comic Con, because once the doors close what are you going to do next? After parties that’s what and lucky enough I help out Video Games New York with their Sexy Nerds parties that bounce around, but the best part is the interaction with fellow gamers, geeks, nerds and cosplayers. Nothing like taking the time to unwind, get your drink on and play some new and classic video games. This time around the party was located at Frames NYC, That is right a bowling alley took us in and it was a blast.

It was a simple task; if you had a comic con badge or was dressed up you got five dollars off admission. Once you are in prepare to game, dance, drink and enjoy the company of like-minded people. It was a judge free zone, even from the civilians being there just to bowl had a great time with the Con goers. That’s the kind of environment you want and it is all thanks to Sebastian and Dan hosting the parties each weekend.


The systems were on point. I mean whats a party with out video games and from my experience they seem to keep getting better after each party. Here is a list of what you missed over the weekend.

  • Rock Band 4 PS4
  • Dance Dance Revolution PS2
  • Halo 2 Xbox
  • Mortal Kombat X PS4
  • Classic NES, SNES and Genesis on the Retron 5
  • Super Smash Bros on the Wii U
  • Super Smash and Mario Kart on the N64
  • Beer Pong on two tables
  • Arcade Classics on the PC
  • Free Pocky

There was so much to do and the party went on until 2 am, but wait there is more! We had some celebrities show up to the party and even I was star struck. The first one I noticed was Carlos Ferro and if you played Gears of War series and do not know who this man is, then you didn’t care for Dom enough. That is right the voice actor to Dom himself showed up the party and he is a barrel of laughs. He even rocked his Gears of War pin on his blazer, which was stylish and shows you how he treats his fans with much kindness.


Also showing up to the party is the Green party animal himself Michelangelo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with GV taking photos with fans and having a great time.


It was a blast and looking forward to its return on October 31st for the Halloween bash. Definitely check out the Facebook page for more details and advanced tickets. I hope to see you there with your positive energy ready to have fun. Stay frosty!

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