OMG it’s Hello Kitty… on a Special Edition 3DS

This is a post for those of you that like to collect special edition items and in this case a New 3Ds system. Nintendo Japan released images of the Special Edition Hello Kitty New 3Ds system and case. Now some would ask, “But Kuma…why are YOU talking about it?” Not the right question to ask, but I will bite. That is simple Timmy, it is because there are some out there that adore hello kitty and would not mind having it in their collection. If you think about it, there might be some troll gamer that wants to get it to cause a scene who is an elite player. There is nothing more satisfying than beating your opponent with a weapon inspired by hello kitty.


Product nameNew Nintendo 3DS Kisekae plate pack Hello Kittyrelease dateNovember 28, 2015 (Sat)Suggested retail price17,000 yen (excluding tax)The set includes

  • New Nintendo 3DS body
  • Kisekae plate Hello Kitty specification
  • New Nintendo 3DS AC adapter
  • microSDHC Memory Card 4GB
  • Original theme download number of Hello Kitty
※ Kisekae plate (white) is not included.
All I know is that certain game stores will probably get this in stock from their Import dealers, especially Video Games NYC who has a new online store for shipping. I would definitely check them out for more details, but as of right now no release information for the states. In Japan the Special Edition Hello Kitty 3Ds will be released on November 28th, 2015. I know you hardcore gamers out there have the means to get your own, especially those of you that like playing import games. Stay frosty!

Source| Nintendo Japan Site

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