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Who said playing with your food is a bad thing? New game from Last Limb that features this interesting D.A.F.T Engine (Destructible and Fluid Technology) where you as the player can utilize the special abilities of Fruits and Vegetables to battle against the Meat and Cheese Empire. A platform puzzler that gives you the comedic means to take out a world ruled by Meat and Cheese? Sounds interesting.


Going into Organic Panic, I was a bit skeptical and that was a short lived feeling as I got deep into the story mode which leads you into a quirky comic book. You get the chance to take over four badass looking vegetables each having their own natural or dare I say organic abilities. They are just trying to co-exist in the world defending their fellow food kind. Liberate the calories and all that jazz if you will. There are over hundreds of levels for you to go through which brings a huge distance in replay value. But how does it stand up?


The Good:


The gameplay of Organic Panic gives you the player the opportunity to figure out the best way to reach the goal while obtaining the most points as well as jewels before hitting that warp tunnel. The D.A.F.T engine grants gamers the ability to rip through the levels the best that they can to tackle on the enemies. You will be able to collect special ability icons through your conquest which will let you rip through the soil, shoot projectiles at enemies, speed boost through enemies and cause floods to drown the opposition.

I spend hours trying to figure out the best way to get to my goal and if you get stuck there is a quick reset option to start over. Since I am playing on the PS4 that would be the R3 button for the quick reset.


I have to say Kiwi is my favorite character since it has the liquid ability. The Last Limb team really took in the detail of this special part of the game and I did have fun drowning my enemies and seeing them suffer, but I tend to run out of power too fast I noticed having all that fun. I even reset just to swim around try different strategies with the liquid ability.


The multiplayer in itself brings a nice touch either in a co-op story mode or vs. to get the most points. They say two heads of lettuce are better than one so see what you can do with two aggressive carrot warriors.

Get creative with your vegetable self! That is right with a game like this you would expect a create your own level mode. I mean granted you still have to battle through enough levels to satisfy your replay value needs, but why not be the creator this time with your own challenges to share? Always a welcomed feature.


The Bad:


Organic Panic is a strong game with so much replay value, but it feels as if it would be best dedicated to android, apple devices as well as Handhelds like the PSvita and Nintendo 3Ds. I stand by this because there are no online features which give it a huge drawback. I would feel more comfortable with this game on the go then stationary at home, so if anything the mobile version would be a better choice.



I have to say it is fun to see imagination returning to the video game world. It is a nice break from all the serious games. Organic Panic gave me nostalgia of games of old where you have to get from point A to B, but with an intelligent twist to make you figure out the best way to reach B while taking many paths. Co-op featuring is limited to local play which is bad for the consoles but great for the android and iPhone devices. All and all with over a hundred levels, create your own levels to share and co-op feature that would be fun with the local crew it is worth the $14.99.

Organic Panic is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Coming Soon to Steam, Linux, Android and IOS devices. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay frosty gamers.

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Final Verdict: Buy


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