PAC-MAN x Orlinski Official Sculpture

Pac-Man was first introduced to me by my mother of people. She was more of a Miss Pac-man fan and I remembered picking it up for the Sega Genesis just for her to play it. Today Bandai Namco just shared information about the Pac-Man special figurine from Richard Orlinski. 

Pac-Man Sculpture fit for Any Gamer! 

The premium-quality resin figurine, which stands 7-inches tall, was designed in collaboration with Richard Orlinski, the best-selling contemporary French artist whose work is represented in more than 90 art galleries around the world. The collectibles will be available for purchase in both yellow and black variants at the official BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America online store.


Two colors to choose from and they look pretty good for any area of a gamers house or just a fan of the pellet eating hero. 

We proudly reveal a PAC-MAN like you have never seen him before; beautiful and elegant but also reminiscent of the original pixilated PAC-MAN. Art should be accessible to anybody, right? Then have a look at our Black and Yellow PAC-MAN figures and don’t miss this unique opportunity. 

Head on over to the links above to pre-order your sculpture now which is going for $134.99 each. I might grab both and maybe do an unboxing. I hope you enjoy the preview and enjoy the video below. 

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