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Epic Games the people that brought us games like Gears of War series, Unreal Tournament 3, and my personal favorite Bulletstorm is now entering the MOBA universe? Okay I will bite on this, because thinking outside the box is definitely welcome and if you are trying to tap into a certain genre I want to see what you can do. In that lets take a look at the gameplay preview.


The MOBA genre has not been very kind to me since I first played Warcraft 3 and then Dota. I went on to League of Legends which I failed miserably at, but a more down to Earth 3 person style MOBA came from Heroes of the Storm, which was working for me, but not enough to keep me glued. However, if you add a bit more sci-fi to the mix, some more guns with some cyborgs and you got my attention.


At first glance it does not look much like a Multiplayer Online Battle Arean, but rest assured it will have that style. I do not mind a more action thrilled MOBA with less of the running back and forth to give you a more fast paced game. I am looking forward to learning more about each characters upgrades, what kind of skills will be involved for devastating combat. Also is there a general story involved. The one thing I do enjoy about MOBA’s is the vast characters to choose from who all play a certain role. Either you have the tankiest of characters to those that cause the most damage.


There is also the team aspect that comes to many MOBA’s to consider. Paragron has spiked my curiosity and looking forward to more information as it develops. As of right now you can sign up for the beta by going to and take advantage of the interactive site to unlock some in game content when the Beta becomes available to both PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016. Stay frosty gamers!

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