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You know gaming has been a part of my life for years and I have been on many great adventures through my time. I was born in 83, but my gaming birth was in 86 when my uncle let me play on his Atari. I know I was only three, but I do remember those times, especially later when I finally got to play RC Pro Am and I sucked. Many gaming years later and I hold my own in certain titles. The gaming world blew up outside of the consoles and into cartoons, TV and many other forms of media including movies. Just like the games movies graphics get better as well and we are introduced to PIXELS. It is funny because many people seemed to expected something great out of something that was just fun.

There is a Story:


Pixels begin with a summer like no other as a new Arcade is built in the kids town. Young Brenner meets with his best friend Cooper who ventures off to the world of video games and soon enough Brenner discovers that he is a prodigy in all the classics. Soon enough Cooper convinces Brenner to join a video game tournament in which he meets “Fire Blaster”…who doesn’t care what you think about the name it’s totally tubular. In the end Brenner gets defeated and we zoom to the present whereas most of think we will strive to be something great, but get stuck in some dead end job. Now we have Adult Brenner played by Adam Sandler and his still best friend Cooper played by Kevin James who not surprisingly went from being a Chewbacca mask wearing kid to President of the United States.

Things take an interesting with the plot from 1986 video game tournament of them shooting a capsule into space of that said tournament which was intercepted by Aliens. The Aliens misunderstood the peaceful message as an act of war and decides to make the video game sprites as weapons against Earth. It is now up to Brenner, Cooper Fire Blaster played by Peter Dinklage and their eccentric friend Ludlow played by Josh Gad to save the world with their old school gaming skills. Honestly not the worst game story I have watched.


The Good:

It was a fun movie people lighten up. Pixels reminds me of many conversations I’ve had with gamers on a “What if” scenario if video games became real. For one I didn’t go into this movie expecting an academy award winning movie or some epic video game action flick. It was a comedic fun feast just like the wizard or Captain N and the game master. I enjoy all the comedians involved and of course the special guest creator of Pac Man Toru Iwatani.


Being that this movie was filled with 80’s video games made it easy to imagine such an event to happen. Frankly speaking if they used games from the current time or even in the 90’s we might not win the battle. The acting was pretty decent and the comedy was definitely there to be had and I particularly enjoyed Fire Blaster the most. Peter Dinklage brings some magic to the characters he portrays and even though he was the over the time douche bag gamer that we usually run into it was delightful. He had no filter and even though I would have kicked him across the room I liked him.

The Bad:


It was a bit corny and the whole Q-Bert changing into a female game character as a reward for Ludlow did take that weird turn. There is not much that I can say I disliked about Pixels since we have had our fair share of horrible or corny video game adaptations.

Okay the attempt at a love story was a bit much, one I could handle but two was going a bit too far. The relationship between Brenner and Violet played by Michelle Monaghan was decent and should of stayed at that. Most problems with certain movies is having too many stars in a movie.



Pixels gain a respectable 3.5 paws out of 5 with me. It was a fun film and my little cousin had a great time watching it. I had a great time watching this film and I am not expecting a sequel, but I will agree that this should have gone straight to DVD. Not much else I can say, but rent it when it is released or if you are a fan of these kinds of movies add it to your collection. After all this video game talk it is time to play video games. Stay frosty!

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