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Yes it is possible to do a review of a convention and if anyone ats me about this you can One V. One me, just kidding you will not survive (laughs). Anyway, what is up gamers? Play NYC is now over and it was a pretty cool weekend of meeting some incredible developers and having to experience some amazing games. Let’s begin

The Stage of Play NYC makes History

It is two days of fun in one weekend where new and veteran indie developers come together and share their titles with everyone. The best part is hidden idea from what came from playcrafting teaching courses in making video games. This will be my third year in a row going and I primarly go to meet some old and new faces and see where their progress has taken them. 

New Venue: Metropolitan Pavillian

Space is always a concern when it comes to conventions and there choice was smaller this time around. Not enitrely a bad thing mind you being that qaulity vs. quanity and the qaulity is indeed better. It was one floor this time with a VR area, games for change and so much more. 

There was a lot of Switch Support there which makes a lot of sense for indie developers that want their games to be in house and on the go. In the center of the convention you had the board games section, because those are games too. One in particular that caught my attention was “Inequality-opoly”. That one touched base on racisim and sexism in America that had a full table of many different gamers, I need to look into that more. 

A ReFreshing Event:

This was actually the first time media had some place to chill and relax and I find that funny being that the other places were bigger. It was a welcoming area and Amaris Jones is such a delightful person helping out with many questions for the event. There were free Redbulls all over the show floor and free my mochi ice cream which came last year. Also water stations just in case you want to get that H2O. 

Bifuteki were the production crew helping bring Play NYC to the masses through streaming. Good job to them for makign the stage shine and entertaining. 

My first Stops on Day 1

The above video sums up my thoughts on day 1, but sadly didn’t do much on day 2 because I wasn’t feeling to well. However, I met some awesome developers of ChromaVaders, Outpost Delta, Killer Queen Black and of course Spywatch lex which is an RPG that teaches you foreign languages to solve puzzles. That is pretty impressive. 


A- I would have to give the event samller venue but well organized. Nothing more can be said other then if you missed out this year, be sure to make it out next year. If you are someone curious in game development this is a great place to get inspired and chat with soem developers that started out like you did. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check back as I will share my thoughts on games I did see individually. – Beast Out – 

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