PlayStation Plus Free Games in January 2019

Yes, we are coming to a close for 2018 and it was an interesting year of gaming indeed. However in the words of Luke Cage, “Forward, always Forward!” as we look into what new free games are we to expect for PlayStation Gamers. I for one do hope since PS3 and Vita will no longer have PSPlus free games they will give them some high end freebies. 

The first game to be shown off is STEEP coming from Ubisoft. I find this game was quite fun especially coming from the styles of SSX and Coolboarders. Steep let you make the mountains yours in many different styles between Snowboarding, wingsuit, paragliding, and skis. This Extreme game genre let you be you in your own way while showboating through all that fresh powder. 

The Second game up for games on the PS4 is PORTAL KNIGHTS. I didn’t know much about this game and being that it is a cute adventure style title where you can make your own character and head off. You can choose between warrior, ranger, and mage in this delightful action RPG! 

PS3 and PS Vita get Love too!

If you have not picked up PlayStation Plus I have no idea what you are waiting for especially since you missed the recent deal for it. If anything 60 bucks not that bad for a year and you can purchase it here

Happy Holidays and a Great New Year to all of you gamers out there and looking forward to gaming with you in 2019. – Beast Out

Source| PlayStation Blog

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