Pokemon Sword and Shield Full Reveal

Today is a good day for new and veteran pokemon trainers. We had a special Nintendo Direct to take a full look at Pokemon Sword and Shield with amazing new content and a closer look at what we shall be expecting. 

A Whole New World with Sword and Shield

As new and veteran trainers we now travel to the Galar Region with all new 3 start pokemon that we all met previously. This time around we get to check out the new mechanics, graphics and introduced to some of the new trainers and gym leaders. 

A New Dynamax Mode:

This is big and excuse my choice of words as in the direct we get to see the new feature Dynamax Mode where our pokemon goes through a Kaiju Evolution. It is a limited strategy in combat with another opponent where you can make your Pokemon grow (Said that in a Rita Repulsa Voice) where you devastate the playing field with bigger attacks. You are only limited to three so choose wisely and properly. 

In the direct, they also stated that each Gym Leader will have a special powerful Dynamax Pokemon. This brings in a whole new challenge that I personally am looking forward to facing. I believe we were first introduced to the idea of Giant-Sized pokemon in an old episode where they found an ancient pokeballs holding giant Gengar, Alakazam, and Jigglypuff. Then it was reintroduced through genetic experiments in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Movie. 

There is more to behold as a new raid system will be in place for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is called max Raid Battle which will feature 4 player co-op. It will take you and 3 other trainers to battle one Dynamax Pokemon in similarity to the Pokemon Go! raids we had. Teamwork makes the dream work with what I assume to be able to capture that particular pokemon. I hope in future events there will be Legendary Max Battles that will take a lot of strategies to conquer. 

Characters a new in Sword and Shield

In the new Galar region, each Gym will have a Stadium that brings new life to gym battles. Before we just took on a few of the gyms sub-bosses until we fight the leader which was kind of empty. This time we are under a lot of pressure with a full audience cheering on the match. One of the Galar Gyms we were introduced too was a Grass Type Expert named Milo with a fully evolved Eldegoss that goes into Dynamax mode. 

Yup, I will be ready with my fire type that’s for sure against this leader. We have also introduced to the Star Trainer Leon as well as his little brother which will be our rival Hop. the Professor of this region is named Magnolia, who like Oak and many others will help us during our training and learning from the pokemon we capture.  

Its all about the Legendaries

The one thing I enjoyed most about Pokemon is picking which version I am going to go for. This became much harder now that I have seen the legendary Pokemon that are the face of Sword and Shield. Pokemon trainers all, I introduce you to Zacian and Zamazenta. 

I think from the images alone you get the idea of why the game is called Sword and Shield. These wolves are our legendaries and even though Zacian is cool, I think I will be going for Zamazenta for sure. Even though both weapons can be used for Offense and defense. I just find Zama much cooler and besides with the introduction to Pokemon Home, I am sure I will be able to get Zacian at a later time. 

Be ready trainers as Pokemon Sword and Shield will be a Global simultaneous release on November 15th, 2019 and you can pre-order a special double pack with both games right now by clicking here

E3 2019 is just days away and we are already getting a lot of details. Will you be picking up Pokemon Sword and Shield? I hope we get to battle some day. – Beast Out – 

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