Pop Culture Shock Chun-Li Figure Preview

I am a huge fan of well-crafted figurines from Play-arts Kai to Sideshow Collectibles, but you know they are highly expensive and I am quite picky in wanting to buy one of these premiere figurines to add to my collection. Now Pop Culture Shock has been working on something incredible for a while featuring some Street Fighter characters and I have been following them on Instagram showing off the creative process which has been amazing. They have a few figurines already with Both Ken Masters versions of regular and violent, M. Bison and Cammy in Shadoloo Bison Outfit. But now we see the famed strongest woman in the world Chun-Li showcased.

Sadly I headed over PCS Collectibles and the Chun-Li figure is not available yet for pre-order, but be prepared for a hefty price for this well-detailed figurine in three different styles. You will have classic Chun-Li, Alpha series and the DLC version from Super Street Fighter V costume. The best part is the detail in the clothing is made with real fabric which gives an authentic appreciation for the artist.

Here is a preview of the PCS Alpha Chun-Li 1:3 statue. The Pre-Order starts May 22nd at 3 Pm PST for the LEGACY SET (all 3 versions) and May 29th at 3 Pm PST for individual. – PCS instagram info

Be sure to check back for more information when the pre-order releases. – Beast Out

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