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Protoype was the first real review I ever did when I first became a writer for a gaming site. That game was full of excitement, strategy and borderline villainy. It was an open world game where you take control of an enhanced person named Alex Mercer who is trying to put the pieces together to what exactly happened to him. The abilities that he gained are very questionable, especially where he can consume people and take their form. Whoever did this too him will pay, especially if they hurt his sister. That was the first game, but the second title takes a different turn where you control a soldier that confronted Alex and gained his abilities. Now this soldier named Sergeant James Heller is out for revenge as his once military brothers are now trying to hunt him down just like they did Alex. However the question remained is Alex really his enemy? For those of you that played the game you already know the story, but for those that are entering the world of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this would be the perfect opportunity to play these two titles in the new bundle. Check out the Preview Below.

In the end it is all about finding the truth and getting away from the outbreak as fast as possible, even if you have to go through many bodies to escape. Today Prototype Biohazard Bundle is available for digital download for $49.99 which is a great deal as you get to go through both chapters of Alex and James in New York City as an invested warzone. Be you a hero or is your vengeance so great hat you stay the course of a villain?

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“Each game in the PROTOTYPE BIOHAZARD BUNDLE includes exciting content and features for fans and newcomers to the series alike. Both titles have been updated for a new generation of hardware with Full HD rendering, improved framerate, and higher-resolution textures and effects. Moreover, PROTOTYPE 2 contains all of the DLC that came with the original RADNET Edition of the game, as well as the majority of in-game content previously offered through retailer pre-orders.”


If you don’t want both at the same time, don’t sweat it because on August 11th you will have the choice of Prototype for $29.99 and its sequel for $39.99. When you look at it you are better off getting the bundle that features the DLC with it as a better deal. In that I hope you enjoyed this preview and be sure to check back as we review the title in its upgraded HD quality. Stay frosty gamers!

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