PlayStation Plus Free Games for December 2017 Announced

As we come to the close of the year I do hope that PlayStation would go out with a bang with their PlayStation Plus free games line up for December 2017. This time it caters to both parties and I am not too disappointed.

Since the announcement of a new Darksiders game featuring Fury so the announcement of Darksiders 2: The Deathinitive Edition with all the DLC being released for free is a nice touch to get ready for the new year. There is the HD remastered version released of the first game so if you have not picked this one up it would a nice addition to your collection.

The Second game up for grabs is Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends which will feature a full fighting cast, especially from the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie. It is a smash bros style game having to knock enemies off the map and of course feature power-ups so you can Skadoosh your way to victory.

These are the two main games Sony wanted to share with you, but that is not all.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

  • Syberia Collection PS3
  • Xblaze Lost: Memories, PS3
  • Forma.8, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Wanted Corp, PS Vita

There are other bonus games that you will be able to utilize like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PlayStation VR which is free now until January 2nd. Also and this news I am quite excited for is Monster Hunter World Beta is going live soon.

That’s right gamers Monster Hunter World beta is going Live for PlayStation Plus members from December 9th or December 12th.

“In this beta, you’ll be tasked with hunting a Great Jagras and an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, as well as a Barroth in the Wildspire Waste. While these are your main quest targets, be on the lookout for other deadly monsters roaming each ecosystem.”

I can’t wait to get on Monster Hunter World and I hope they give us full access to a line of weaponry to use especially me being a Glaive user. I am just happy to have this game back on the PlayStation since the last time I played on a Sony product was back on the PSP. However, having a 3DS XL helped that thirst.

For you SMITE players out there you will be granted access to the SMITE PlayStation Plus members pack for free. In all that glory you will receive 31 skins, 20 Gods, as well as voice packs plus the Khepri Announcer Pack.

Not a bad ending to the year and we shall see what happens in January which is my Birthday Month, so Sony make it a good one please. – Beast Out

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