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Double Fine Productions teams up with Bandai Namco Entertainment to give us a blast from the 80’s with a modern twist. RAD is right now in closed beta which I played a bit for PC. We are now done with E3 2019 and taking a breather to share my thoughts on what was shown with Rad and my initial thoughts so far. 

It’s RAD enough said

So, what is RAD?

Playing as a teenage protagonist, you must venture into the Fallow — an ever-changing, radioactive wasteland filled with unknown and unspeakable creatures. It is here that you will find the solution to heal the world and transform the cracked, barren landscape into a lush source of new life. But humanity’s future comes at great personal cost, as the deeper you journey into unknown lands, the more you will expose yourself to gnarly toxins which will wreak havoc on your fragile human form.

With its top-down view, you are tasked with healing the world and it definitely has this Little Monsters meets Kid Chameleon feel towards it. There are a few characters to choose from and you will have limited lives as you go through stages. You die, you go back and try again. Gives it a roguelike experience, but the world itself is toxic, horrific and cool looking all at the same time. 

It is about the mutations in order to better your chances at survival. You will gain strange new abilities and it will be worth it as you may look grotesque. Your looks will not matter as you grow powerful and if that is not enough you will always have your trusty bat! There are more features to be had. 

Rad Features:
  • THE NEVERENDING FALLOW — Journey into the Fallow – a procedurally generated wasteland that holds the secrets of the past
    and answers for the future.
  • HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO — The future of humanity rests on your shoulders, your characters will be many and all face
    permadeath in the wasteland, but ultimately one of them will save the world and become… RAD.
  • DON’T STOP BELIEVING — Every step you take will transform the Fallow from a cracked, barren wasteland into a verdant source of
    new life, opening up the path forward.
  • TO MUTATE IS YOUR FATE — Radioactive toxins mutate your character into strange new forms, bringing with them powerful new
    abilities that challenge you to constantly adapt your play style.
  • TOP RUN — Take on daily challenges with predetermined quirks to see who among you is Bad and who is Rad, by comparing yourself
    on the leaderboards.
  • BAT TO THE FUTURE — Unlock righteous new bats that let your future heroes start out with special advantages
  • STOW IT OR BLOW IT — Bank tapes to strategically benefit your future runs, or just drop it all on sweet new kicks. For some, it’s not
    whether you win or lose, it’s how you look doing it.

The fate of the world depends on you, your trusty bat, and whatever strange new abilities you gain as the world around you ravages your body — twisting and mutating you into something far less than human, but far more powerful. But forget all that — go grab that sweet bat and help save the world…or what’s remaining of it anyway!

Screenshot Rad Mutation

One of the Mutations in RAD to give you height

I give Double Fine their props for giving us gamers a unique experience with a nostalgic field. When finding Floppy Disk, to the neon colors and of course the punk styles of the heroes. RAD is a fun experience that I am definitely in for a day one purchase! 

If you are RAD enough for the fight for humanity and brave enough to another world then we have some pre-order details that you might be interested in. You can head over to this link here for all your pre-order needs. RAD will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. There is a special collectors edition you can check out as well featuring some tubular goodies. 

The interesting pre-order bonus for RAD

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you played the closed beta, please share your thoughts in the comments? Does RAD live up to its name? RAD will be set to release on August 20, 2019. – Beast Out – 

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