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First things first, don’t come bashing through my door like you pay the rent! Secondly, do not come on my property with your mutated peoples trying to start a riot! Thirdly, do not mess with a Rangers family! Welcome everyone to our Rage 2 review which will be released on May 14th, 2019. I obtained an early copy and have been playing non-stop so I hope you enjoy and let’s see if this sequel is worth it?

Rage 2 Story:

To quickly catch you up, the planet was hit by a meteorite and the world goes to hell. Anarchy is a new survival and you will need your wits in the wasteland. You could say at this point we are in the Post – Post Apocalypse of Rage 2. You play as Walker a new found Ranger that got the job through unconventional means by the death of Ranger Jersey. Your home is being attacked by the Authority so you dawn the augmented suit and it is up to you and your family to save Vineland. 

It is a bit cliche, but you are now the last ranger in the wasteland and it is up to you to travel around taking up jobs. In the end, it is your duty now to take down the opposition to make the Wasteland somewhat peaceful. It is time to gear up and set out to recruit some assistance from a few interesting characters in your A.I vehicle Phoenix. 

You could say this is a liberation and a revenge story-line. Lock and load ranger!

The Good: 

Open world shooters are a hit or a miss with me, but Rage 2 hits me at the right spot. Both ID Software and Avalanche Studios teamed up to give us an intriguing experience with more mayhem and fun vehicle combat. The world is completely alive and you will be able to discover something new just by driving around which I recommend. 

I am playing on the PlayStation 4 and yes Rage 2 features PS4 Pro enhancements which is fine. This is your straight forward FPS game with your added augmented abilities found through Arks. You can also upgrade other abilities by clicking on the touchpad to see Phoenix Upgrades, project upgrades, nanotrites, and weapons. 

While on foot you can hold down triangle to see the weapons will to set which weapons for the quick switch. In Phoenix, this is done by holding down the R1 button. You also have your standard melee attack and a nice slide mechanic for style points. 

The weapons are pretty good with added functions when you hit your overdrive ability. This will beef you up and capable of taking out multiple enemies with a 100% crit chance. That is your last resort, so save it for the right moment. Building up your Overdrive is pretty easy just kill enemies and the more you kill there will be a multiplier to build up faster. 

Consumables are limited until you upgrade the capacity, but you will have health shots and can pick up feltrite cells from downed enemies. There are many crates in the environment to restock, so take cover, run behind walls and heal up. 

You will get a chance to craft items as well once you obtain blueprints. This is where Rage 2 kind of dabbles in the Survival genre where you need to restock not only your regular guns but your vehicle cannons as well. Speaking of vehicles take them all because they will be added to your garage and as you go around you can spawn them for a small fee wherever you are. Almost everything can be driven or flown so have fun with that. 

There are many skill trees for you to upgrade with nanotrite boosters as I stated earlier. Each ability you unlock comes with its own tree. I would highly recommend going after the Arks first to get yourself powered up before each mission and side quest.

Your abilities will be on the bottom left of the screen and can be activated using the Focus button combines with another button. If you hit L1 + a direction you can do a dash to evade or close in on enemies. I have a push that is effective against armored enemies. You also have a dash for both you and Phoenix, but your special vehicle can only go side to side. 

Talking to the locals is beneficial as they will give you tips on hidden secrets for more weapons or more bounties to earn money. It is vital to have as many liquid assets as possible and keep a look out for the mobile vendor which you can stop by honking your horn. Pretty good when you want to sell or buy on the go. As you discover new towns you will unlock the fast travel ability. After you are done with a mission just fast travel back to the closets town or any particular town, doesn’t matter and conduct your business. 

One feature I am enjoying with the combat is unlocking the ability to use the butt of my gun like a baseball bat to hit grenades back at the enemies. Pure magic right there. 


It doesn’t look too bad at all. Visually speaking it looks like fine apocalypse art. You get all forms of an open-world in different areas. You have your classic desert area and then things turn into an Amazon rain forest in certain areas. Things can get swampy that makes you question if you want to walk in that water or not or if something will jump out. That feeling combined with the great sound mechanics is great in my book. 

Photo mode is always a fun feature to have in any open-world game just to mess around. The frames add a nice artistic touch as well to make things fun. So, get creative with it. 

Finally, the map is amazing to navigate. It is important to make sure your map is readable and easy to travel around. You hit a waypoint and a nice line of purple arrows direct you to your location and if you don’t want to use that and just explore you can. Just be careful where you venture off to because I have seen some giant monsters roaming. I wasn’t ready. 


The Bad: 

Rage 2 has minimum negative feelings in terms of vehicle mechanics is the easiest I can point out. If it is a four-wheeled vehicle it feels just fine and all drive different. When it comes to motorcycles or flying vehicles it is a bit of a chore. I seem to don’t have the right weight distribution right for these smaller vehicles. Also, the physics are a bit off, especially when you have to get on the bike and you’re still sideways until you defy gravity and go up right. It is weird physics.

Rare times of audio glitches. I am noticing there are situations when I am talking to NPC’s and the audio just cuts out. Thankfully I had subtitles on or I might have missed some deep information. 

That’s about it. 

Beast Final Thought:

Rage 2 is the right amount of everything a single player game should have. Interesting storyline with a bit of a twisted scenario. Fun combat and running into many random situations while on the road especially racing. The side quest that doesn’t feel overwhelming since you can handle them on the way to the main mission. A great single player experience, this is definitely a step up for the sequel even with the minor glitches. 

Rage 2 receives a beastly 4 out of 5 paws. Get your copy this Tuesday on May 14th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC you can pick up your copy here. I hope you enjoyed this review and for newcomers, to this game, I kept spoilers out to not ruin your experience. If you are still unsure please check out my stream of Rage 2 on my twitch channel. – Beast Out





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