Ready Player One Movie Review

We can all understand as gamers that we escape to the digital world because the world is not a great place. Yes, it is the real world, but we need a break from it at times and I for one can understand why people stay in the digital world since you can be anything or anyone you want. Hell, some even make the best of friends while playing online without ever meeting them. Ready Player One touched base on this subject in the future where nothing but the Oasis is played by all. However, I found a deeper meaning behind the concept that made me appreciate the people I played online with.


As usual, there will be some differences from the Book to movie adaption. The year is 2044, not 2045, but almost everything else is the same with our hero Wade Watts who goes into a narration explaining the world as it is now with everything going to the Oasis for many different reasons while doing many different things on theme planets. He lives in the Stacks with his Aunt and her many different deadbeat boyfriends. This is where you can understand why he escapes to his character Parzival as a Gunther. You see the Father of the Oasis James Halliday who has past away and for five years he and his friends have been trying to capture the three keys that will grant them Halliday’s fortune and control of the Oasis.

However, they are being battled against by sixers who are under the IOI corporation run by Nolan Sorrento the CEO. He is hell-bent on getting all of Halliday’s control by any means possible. Now being the fan that Wade is he has started to figure out the secrets to get the three keys and finally obtain the Easter, but that’s when things get deadly.

The Good:

I will admit to reading the book and watching the movie, it was cleaned up a lot where it wasn’t as espionage as it was meant to be and it did felt a bit rushed. I felt the love interest became quick of a thing and there was only one sad scenario that really didn’t pull too much at my heartstrings. It was more visually appealing than anything and as a gamer, you start noticing all of your own Easter eggs in character cameos. But this also caters to anyone that was a huge movie buff as well in the 80’s. This was a love letter to the 80’s culture mentioning Buckaroo Bonzai, Duran Duran and of course Thriller.

In all honesty in the movie, there was a prime message from Halliday and it felt it was not just about enjoying games for their secrets and the journey of just playing, but also about friendship. It is scary when things change and or evolve and sadly with us in the real world there is no reset button or a save point to return too. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t change things for the better or fix an old problem.

It is funny how the movie is mostly based on 80’s and 70’s culture, which to me has the best movie soundtrack that I’ve ever heard in a video game based movie. Also, the graphics all around were beautiful to look at, almost hard to tell real and CGI. The motion capture was fine-tuned to each avatar that human players had which brought them to life.

Let’s not forget the awesome cameo’s many characters and items that many of us were sitting down in the theater pointing and trying to guess each player which wasn’t really hard. They all brought a nice spice of humor, especially the chucky scene which to be fair they showed in the trailer. It is kind of cool how Ernest Cline touched based on a lot of pop culture. You get a hefty dose of nostalgia involved.

The Bad:

Even though Ready Player One had a lot of great moments, I did feel that some things were a bit too quick that happened in the story. In this case is the Love Interest between Artemis and Parzival which only showed me that she might have had a crush on him for the longest time while he was drooling over all her fame. In another thought, that is the internet age so far since a lot of people technically fall hard and quick for one another.

I felt that the dramatic situations were not strong enough to make me feel worried about the characters. Yes, these are kids and even with the scene of Wade and his Aunts Abusive boyfriend who was a man baby, they didn’t really go deep into that or put the kids into too much danger. I felt that today’s society puts a hinder on taking risk of that nature which might have happened differently in the real world. This is an Evil Company trying to take control of the Easter Hug hunt in the game by any means necessary in deadly situations. I would have thought they would have taken some of the notes from the book and there would have been some deeper casualties.


All and all if you read the book or not Ready Player One is a great video game adaptation movie that touches base on many things in our current society, especially debt which was interesting. Living in poverty in a way and how so many would rather escape reality and live in a Virtual World to be anything they want freely. I can respect that hence why I am a gamer trying to relax and escape on a journey either being a hero or just having some laughs with friends that I’ve never met in person. It was a beautiful story surrounding friendship and enjoying the game.

I definitely recommend watching Ready Player One and I shall give it 4.5 paws out of 5. It is out now in theaters, I saw in Dolby Digital which gave you amazing sound and vibrations with the seats, but if possible check it out in 3D. It is worth it and for those have seen it, please share thoughts in the comments below and I shall see you next time. – Beast Out



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3 Responses to Ready Player One Movie Review

  1. Alex Suffoletto says:

    I totally agree with you on so much of this! Visually this movie blew me away and I was hooked after that long narrative intro. I never read the books but I felt like I was already pleased with what was thrown out on the table in this interpretation (mostly all those cameos of course).

    Like you said though, Halliday was such a great device for the film and I loved the themes and messages he was laying out for the entirety of the movie. It had all these questions running through my mind and I was very satisfied when it came to the conclusion. It still has me thinking about things even after I just saw it last night!

    Glad you liked it just as much!

    • Thanks for reading our review. I was very pleased and it made me appreciate the friends I made online. I felt the writer was a gamer and wanted to portray that to the world and it was done wonderfully. I wished they didn’t rush some things, but it was still pretty decent.

      • Alex Suffoletto says:

        Yeah there was definitely some plot holes because it was moving so fast. It was just a fun movie overall. Something I would definitely recommend to others and watch again with them.

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