Real-Life Mario Kart Hitting NYC

I will admit I have been Jealous of Japan for having real-life Mario Kart for years. Dawning your favorite Kart costume and getting into a go-kart safely racing around the city. That is worth the travel I would admit. However, we in New York City might not have to make that trip though.

Rev Your Engines Mario Kart Fans

“The race, Mushroom Rally, is finally hitting NYC after a successful run through a number of other cities around the world. About 600 lucky racers will get the opportunity to deck out as their favorite character and race against others in a customized, Mario Kart-inspired racetrack to battle it out for first place. One winner will also have the chance to fly out and represent New York in the final epic battle across Rainbow Road in Las Vegas. “

Hold up, this is better than I expected. Mushroom Valley is taking it to the next level. I was a bit worried since in Japan they actually race out on the busy streets. To have something similar here I don’t think the drivers would be too excited for it. But thankfully there will be a custom track for those to race on and that is hilarious to watch. I would dress up as Bowser if I could.

If you are interested there is a waiting list for you to sign up for a ticket. You can click here to get involved. As for now get your practice on the Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart Deluxe and prepare to dodge all obstacles. Be sure to Sign up here! – Beast Out

Source| DO NYC

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