Red Dead Redemption 2 a Prequel?

I still can’t get behind a title like Red Dead Redemption II that has a sequel title, but apparently is a prequel of Dutch’s gang, but before we dive into that bit of information here is the trailer.

Rockstar games are good at having us play a game where we are not really the hero type in many of their stories, which fine. It has been the best adventures playing as the bad guy which is a well story driven and bring us on some nice adventures in an open-world sandbox title. The huge evolution from Red Dead Revolver to Redemption was fascinating and I will admit I was not that on board with the idea of playing an open box western. But, I gave it a shot and felt good being in something like Tomb Stone or Quick and the Dead.

What we Know So far?

We are going back to a younger Dutch with his gang of outlaws that also has John Marston from RDR 1 which is cool and all. Why not see where it all started and that way we can get a nice collectors edition that comes with Red Dead Redemption remastered possibly for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Maybe, but most likely the Xbox One version will be backwards compatible so that’s a win for Microsoft.In that why not do a true sequel of his John Marston son? Jack would be awesome to grow the story and before you bite my head off. I am not saying a sequel is a bad idea, but the continuation is good too.

Anyway no concrete release date is set only a Spring 2018 pre-order release, which in my opinion is enough time to save up for said pre-order. already has it set up on their site for pre-order so check out this link here. Also, I want to hear your thoughts on the sequel/prequel and I know most of you are already in, but what did you like from the series? – Beast Out

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