Resident Evil 7 VR Lantern Demo at New York Comic Con 2016

Capcom featured a playable demo for Resident Evil 7 at NYCC 2016, which first appeared at Gamescom 2016. This 15-minute demo was played on the PSVR, which launched earlier this month. The experience, completely in first person, begins with calibrating the VR and learning how to walk. Shortly after playing, it becomes obvious that this is a departure from the traditional Resident Evil series. The demo begins with a VHS recording in which you play the lead as a victim that has to get away from a woman–a human holding a lantern. Players can assume that she goes by the name of Marguerite, as seen in the previously released demo, Beginning Hour.

You enter into a broken down home with a living room basically split in half. There were basic movements available such as running, hiding or opening doors, but you can’t attack. At times, you enter a room with locked doors, or you’d enter a room only to find the lady entering from the next door. This demo focuses heavily on stealth and the environment, as there isn’t an option for defending yourself, you just have to hide in the corner or behind crates away from her point of view.

In this demo, we solve a puzzle that is familiar to the Resident Evil series. At one point in the demo, you’d grab an item that has to be placed on a pedestal and rotated in just the right way to open a hidden passage into a wall. Climb through the wall only to be led to the other side of the room. You’ll have to hide behind a crate until she passes by, where you’d then make a run into an underground crawl pit, only to find a note that says “there’s something wrong with her,” right before she jump scares you.

That concludes the playable demo. What happens next is a dinner cutscene with the family and your wrists are strapped down. The family consists of the woman who caught you, presumably her husband, their son, and an elder man. You refuse to eat and presumably the son taunts you. The husband is fed up and just slices through the younger guy’s arm. This scene does not fail to show you the madness of this family.

These aren’t zombies, rather people who have lost their humanity. The demo ends with the old man killing you through a stab in the head. What makes this death different than from typical deaths is that you’re viewing it completely in first person with 3D VR.re7-lantern-demo-6

The graphics were very realistic and gritty from the moths flying around the woman’s lantern, to the range of scope in any direction you’d look at. There were some negative feedback, namely in that the VR and range of movements gave players a headache or perhaps “VR motion sickness” while playing.

This title would have given a different experience if played in 2d (as opposed to VR). The range of scope and 3d effects makes this title truly terrifying. If the con ever got quiet enough, you’d hear the screams of other players who were trying the demo in the other stations. Resident Evil 7 will launch for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (including full PSVR support) in January 2017.


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  1. ambleThought says:

    can’t wait. The atmosphere in VR is crazy good.

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