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Good Morning Gamers and welcome to another News segment from your friendly Beast Gamer. Today I was happy to find out about some interesting news and as we all know a lot of retro systems have been resurrected. What makes me happy and of course many others is seeing Retro Fighters decided to improve on the Dreamcast Controller and yes I backed it up immediately. 

Dreamcast finally Gets a Better Controller!

I will not say the Dreamcast had the best controller because it was awkward being that the wire was connected on the bottom instead of the top. This new sleeker model looks like the Model S style of the OG Xbox which I love. It still has the VMU card slot thankfully so they are catering to all the bells and whistles. 

You always want a controller that is comfortable which companies started to realize for a while now. The Sega Dreamcast recently came back to life in 2016 with new titles resurfaces for it and now with retro fighters, we can enjoy it even more. Let’s see whats Under the Hood!

Retro Fighters Dreamcast Controller Features:

  • Next Generation features and attributes for the classic Sega Dreamcast 
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design 
  • Larger and responsive D-Pad
  • Sensitivity adjusted analog stick 
  • Added shoulder buttons (perfect for fighting games)
  • Ultra fast turbo function 
  • Extra long 10 foot cords that goes out the top instead of the front of the controller
  • Compatible with Visual Memory Units and Vibration Packs (Jump Packs)

The whole time I am reading this I am thinking about Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Tech Romancer, Power Stone Series and many other titles that I want to go into when this controller drops. The best thing about this kickstarter is that we can get a timeline of the expectation of release. 

If you are convinced and I am sure you are back the process and even though they have already reached their goal. They have another set that will benefit all backers especially different colors to vote for and decorative stickers for the controller. Head on over to their Kickstarter right now by clicking here. I hope you enjoyed and please if you have any retro memories of the Dreamcast which was your favorite title? – Beast Out – 


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