Retro Fighters Next Gen Dreamcast Controller Update

You have to enjoy a kickstarter campaign that keeps us backers updated constantly. I could not pass up the opportunity to back this newly designed dreamcast controller that honestly should have been a thing from jump. But as they say better late than never. Here is what Retro Fighters has to show for us now. 

Old School Revamped 

What you are about to see is the next gen dreamcast controller in its grey shell form and with the VMU memory attachment. 

The original design was bulky and awkward which many of us were uncomfortable playing. Especially the weird design of having the wire in the front of the controller instead of the back. Retro Fighters has made their mission to improve many controllers with recent of the Nintendo 64 Brawler controller. 

The goal has been reached and even though they didn’t get the more color options. I am hoping for future color schemes which I will go for an all black one. Or I just might do my own personal customized version. 

Thats pretty much it for this update and be sure to check out other products from Retro Fighters website by clicking here. I hope you check back for my own unboxing when the new dreamcast controller is shipped. – Beast Out – 

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