Review: Boruto the Movie

There is nothing more important than family— or so they say. If you define the word, it does not have to be about blood. Those that care about you and are truly there for you when needed are enough to be your family.

At the beginning of his story, Naruto was tossed aside and left to fend for himself. No one expected him to be the hero he became. Naruto’s next mission is being a loving father. His son Boruto does not make that easy.


As we return to Naruto’s world, we find that Konoha is now a peaceful haven. Their economy is booming, and the other hidden villages are working with instead of against them. We learn of a new threat— a mysterious figure that Sasuke has been following, a villain hellbent on consuming chakra. It seems that peace in Konoha can never last that long.

On the other side of this is a father and son at odds with one another. Naruto is a Hokage trying to maintain order and be the face of Konoha at the same time by spreading his shadow clones across the village. He spreads himself thin, using shadow clones to do as much as he can— studying, meeting appointments, or even giving away toys to kids. He neglects the family he has in hopes that they understand the importance of his position as Hokage.


Boruto has the potential of his parents, Hinata and Naruto, but struggles because all he wants is for his father to pay more attention to him and his sister Himawari. Things take a turn for the worse when Naruto uses a shadow clone to attend his daughter’s birthday party and ruins the evening.

-The Good


Boruto: Naruto the Movie shows an unexpected side of Naruto as a family man. Many of us who have grown up with him remember that he was always sad and lonely, longing for a family. As an adult, he is all business and ends up neglecting the ones he loves.

Sasuke is also frequently absent; away on missions constantly. However his daughter Sarada is alright with this. She takes after her mother Sakura, and shows a bit more inner strength.

As for the villains, Naruto never fails me. They are either creepy or overpowered, but I still enjoy them. They tend to push the heroes to find a new level to their power.

Speaking of power— there are these ninja scientists that are changing the way the ninja use scrolls. It was only a matter of time before someone tried a more technical route with ninja combat, and now there’s this device that uses miniature scrolls that allow the user to master a ninjutsu technique without the use of hand seals, blood pacts, writing or even using their own chakra. Just plug and play.


These scientists take advantage of Boruto’s self doubt and convince him to wear one of their devices into the chuunin exams— where tools like this are of course frowned upon. He eventually gets exposed— not a good look in the eyes of the father he wants to impress.

Even though the story is on point, we have to touch base on the combat. I was on edge watching the fights, and they keep getting better. It always amazes me seeing Naruto and Sasuke team up with their abilities, performing some Godzilla-type fights. Check the clip below for one of my favourite fight scenes.

The comedic aspect is still there— being that Konohamaru is in command of Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.

-The Bad

I got too emotional on the behaviour of Naruto— but for good reason, I feel. Dude has a loving wife and two great kids, and yet he is too busy trying to be the best damn Hokage ever. I guess he learned nothing from his time with his father and the memories that were shared? Don’t send a clone to spend time with your family, stupid!

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If I were to pick a bad point in the story itself— it’s how passive Hinata has become— especially outside of an attack one the Leaf Village. I mean, it’s her choice and might be what she always wanted— but I don’t know. I expected that with this generation we grew up with would be a little more hardcore than the previous. It does seem that things have become more domesticated and there were some characters not present, but it’s a movie dealing mostly with Boruto, so it’s not all bad.



All in all, even though some people have frowned upon Boruto— I am particularly glad the story continues. There’s Naruto Gaiden to look forward to as well!

The strength and compassion conveyed in the story was well done and I think it all flowed pretty well. I was getting flashbacks of the entire series leading to Naruto finally accepting Hinata as his wife, and that made this movie even more enjoyable. I like where we are now, and I hope they do a bit of side story that focuses more during the time after they first married, and maybe some other battles. There’s a new game coming out soon, so that might be in there to fill some of the gaps.


With that, I give Boruto: Naruto the Movie 4.5 out of 5 paws.

It was a fun movie, and some fans might enjoy this new chapter with our favourite ninja. If you have the means, check it out for yourself. With that, I bid you farewell, readers. Please return for more reviews, previews and upcoming news. Stay frosty! (drops smoke bomb)

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