Review of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax International

Here is a scenario. What if you were trapped in a world from your dreams forced into a battle to save everyone else in the same situation? How would you handle such a situation? Just wake up you say, like it would be that easy. This is Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax International where many anime characters and a few from light novels battle eachother to get their freedom from this nightmare under the clutches of Zetsumu. Let the battle begin!


The story is not as complicated or as compelling as you would think to be honest. It plays as out for everyone some what the same way. You are lead by an entity named Denshin who has asked you to save all of the players from Zetsumu while in this dream world. This is why all these anime characters collide, but thats pretty much it. Stop the crazy red eye from causing despair to all and watch the credits roll.

Now even if the story is not much to pay attention to the gameplay is something to appreciate. I have played all types of fighting games. It is a chore to learn them all because there is usually pages for one character to learn all their techniques and exploits. Dengeki eliminates that by giving you three buttons and an assist button to handle the fights. It is very user friendly in that factor for anyone to just pick up and play; somewhat.


There is still a level of learning involved if you really want to tackle the game properly, but it will take you less time since many of the players button sequences are the same. For specials it is either forward half circle or back half circle. Keep in mind that there are some quirks and extensions to these special moves that you will have to discover, but lets have a demonstration of a battle with Kirito and Minato.


On a visual stand point Dengeki looks great for a 2D fighter and all the cut-scenes are semi animated with little gestures, as well as being fully voiced. There is no dubbed version to be had and I am not surprised since there are not many animes in this game that are dubbed. I do enjoy the backgrounds of certain Sega games, but it also makes me want to see two characters involved. There is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams stage, but yet no character from those two series are present. That is a bit of a let down if you ask me.

In lines of characters they could of added some other favorites as fighters since Akira and Pai are in the game. I would of had anyone from Streets of Rage, Ash Turner from Comix Zone or even a character from Altered Beast would of been nice as either an assist or a hidden unlockable fighter.


All that being said you have other modes to give it weight for an interesting game. In the challenge menu you have score attack, survival and time attack which is standard for some fighting titles. In those challenges you will gain points to go into the Extra’s are to unlock character color schemes, emblems and special autographs. Sega has a record of making games a bit eccentric, but it keeps the fun flowing at least.


Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax International is a decent fighting game, especially for those looking for something fun and not overwhelming. The 39.99 price tag is a bit questionable for the amount of things available and being that it is a PS3 game I feel a fair price is 29.99. In the end I give it 3.5 paws out of 5. I would say rent it if you are not sure, but if you are a long time fan it would be nice in your collection.

I am going to go and try out Akira’s storyline and see how that outcome with Zetsumu turns out, but I won’t spoil why I am so curious. Stay frosty gamers!


Title: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Release Date: Oct. 6, 2015


Publisher: SEGA

Genre: Fighting

Players: 1-2 Local or Online


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  1. Jonathan Coates says:

    FINALLY! THEEEEEEE REVIEWWWWW IS UPPPPPPPPPPP!!! SHIT I WORK TOMORROW.. hmmm hopefully i’ll get out of work early. I loved the gameplay. I’m sad to hear about the story, and the fighting reminds me of AquaPlaza, another anime 2d fighting game on the ps3. I can’t wait to play it even more now.

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