Review of Need for Speed’s 5th Update

The latest update for Need for Speed is finally here and thanks to the fine developers for listening to our request. We have Hot Rods, Extra Garage space, manual control and community shared wraps. The best part is that it is all for free and we have a video to showcase a few things to gear you up if you have not updated already, even though it is an automatic update.

Hot Rods Rating: 2.5


There are only two featured in the game where one is at an affordable price of $21,000 and the most expensive F1 series Hot Rod going for over $200,000. Now if you obtained the 1932 Hot Rod that will give you four unique bodykits – soft top, coupe, sedan and pickup truck. It is great and not that pricey, so it is an amazing starter hot rod to get on the streets quick with.

Now for you advanced veterans on the streets you can get your gears right with the Beck Kustoms F132 which is a mutation monster of the 1932 Hot Rod with a Formula 1 gene added. The drawback of this fantastic ride is you can only change the colors and decals. You can also change the rims and the back spoiler, but that is about it. This disappoints me because it limits a chance to do some amazing internal customization. Now it is not all bad where it puts you on even ground with other racers with the same car, so it comes down to who drives better.

Garage Space: 3


Not much to say here, they gave us five extra garage spaces in another warehouse which you can transport cars in-between. I guess you can’t ask for much especially you can have a car for each category, so the space is okay.

Manual Control: 4


Big improvement is giving racing enthusiast the option for manual instead of being stuck in the automatic world. I know that many people of today do not know the joys of using a stick shift, but oh baby now that it is added driving around in a corvette is pretty sweet.

Custom Wrap Shares: 5

Now we have the option to download and share wraps across the NFS community. This option gives gamers the chance to see other unique styles done by users like you and me. If you feel brave you can even share your wraps with the community as well has favorite your artist to see anything new that they have done. That is sway (good) in my opinion.



Need for Speed I have to admit you are giving me faith in game developers by keeping to your word and listening to the fans. You provided a great and fun experience with this latest game and I hope you all keep up the great work. The latest update is available now if you have not automatically done so already. If you have not picked up need for speed yet this would be the best time to do so since there is a lot of great free content for you to enjoy. Check out our full review of the game here and be sure to check out our youtube channel for more gameplay footage. Stay frosty racers.

Need For Speed Update 5 gets 4.5 out of 5.

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