Review of RWBY s2 ep12: the Battle has Begun

RWBY is taking a serious turn has the battle becomes escalated in this latest episode where our heroes are faced with an onslaught of enemies which has given an opening to enemies hidden within their school. There is nothing like being surrounded by endless enemies to really put what you learned to the test.


In the previous episode Team RWBY discovered an underground strong hold of the white fang in which became a bigger situation than they thought. The explosion of the train leading to their city unleashed a horde of monsters which was the initial plot to bring the city under siege. This has to be one of the greatest episodes from Rooster Teeth showcasing some awesome combat and a few comedic situations, but I could only pick one scene that caught my eye the most.


Even after there huge victory there seems to be an uprising at Beacon where the counsel has decided to put General Ironwood in charge of protecting the city. Their headmaster Ospin is having trouble keeping the faith that he has everything under control not only for their students, but for the citizens. Now that Roman Torchwick is in custody, what secrets will be told under the Ironwoods questioning and what of the trio run by Cinder Fall? There are many mysterious things going on under the nose of the authorities of Beacon and I feel that it might be too late for them to act when the final curtain drops.


RWBY Season 2 Episode 12 gets a 5 out of 5. The series is just off the chain and I find it fun to watch because each character has a bright personality. If you would like to see both volumes, just head on over to Rooster Teeth’s website and check out all their web episodes. I hope you enjoyed this review and I am looking forward to Volume 3. Stay frosty!


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