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Well it’s here ya’ll! Finally here and boy did it kill a lot of my hype. Now before some of you think this is just a pessimistic rant against what’s lacking in the game, SFV does do a lot of things right. However it stops at potential perfection for God knows what reason. I’ve been playing SF since the late 1990s. There were always lying around the house. SO I have what you’d call and expert opinion on how SF should be made. The best way of describing this game is like cooking. Have you ever went to go make something but didn’t check if ya had all the ingredients? Then you’re scrambling around to see what you have left, or find a substitute and before you know it BAM you got a plate in front of you that’s 50% hot mess 50% eh not to bad? Well that’s what this game is because boy Capcom needs to get their Ps and Qs in a row.


Well considering the fact that this games story mode wasn’t even a story mode and the REAL story mode is available in June. I will get back to you on this. So if anyone has perfected the art of time travel please, do Tweet me.

Gameplay Plus:


Here is the most important part so get ready for a lengthy read my friends. There are things SFV does very well and we are going to start with the good news per say. Anyone remember how blocky and slow SF4 was. Well I can see where all the energy was put into on the developmental side of things. SFV looks amazing. The characters are clean and crisp. They have this nice fusion of realism and cartoon style. The levels are very nicely done. They are all beautiful, lively with people/animals moving in the back and our DLC buddy Alex gets his camo on in one.

The animation and gameplay are very lovely. Everything moves fluidly. Idk maybe it’s just me but in SF4 when ultras where done unless the player did a combo, the opponent got a free block in because the game literal stopped a few frames to start the animation. SFV it’s split second and the supers are fast and don’t run the clock. Moves in general are just way better animated this time around.

The battle system is great. There’s this new thing ah ma jig called “V Trigger Gauge (VTG) and Vskills.” When the player activates the gauge they unlock a new personalized skill for the character which can only be used in VTG. Ryu got that third strike parry, Zangief super armor, etc. The music is really good and general interface is visually appealing and easy to navigate.
Versus mode is what it is its pretty fun. I have two siblings so I’ve been playing it like that for the most part. The stages can expand depending on how a player is K.O.d which is nice.
And the last great feature of this game the training mode. It’s actually the most interactive TM ever made. You can automatically set up situations via a dashboard and switch between them easily. You can change conditions for certain combos and if you mess up then it will auto reset ya.

Gameplay Minus:

So you’re wondering where all that mean stuff I was saying earlier? What was that all about? Well here are the bad news folks; it’s almost as if capcom just for no reason decided to stop at making a great game. Had all the elements but took the easy way out. The class genius writing a C paper, going to the gym for and hour and then going to Burger King for lunch, ya know you get the drill.

This game has little next to NO modes. There is story mode, survival mode, training and online. There is more content on the McDonalds dollar menu than in this game. Challenge Mode, the mode that taught players how to better teach the characters is out until March. And remember that thing I said about the story mode? It is not actually being a story mode? Well it’s about three anime stills for cutscenes, people talking, and if your lucky four battle one round. And that’s not the worst part, it brings me to my next point the AI.


In story mode as in challenge mode, the AI stands/crouches there waiting for you to bop em in the face. Considering the fact the SFA3 is my favorite, this AI is the most shameful I’ve seen. I am used to getting legitimate challenges from fighting AI. And if you’re rebuttal for this is online play well I spent and hour trying to connect to Capcom’s gum and paperclips server. It’s almost as if gateway themselves built it. As with Third Strike online Edition’s day one launch Capcom gives us a tbt with a barely functional server.

As for the other mode Survival mode you can unlock colors, and I actually got booted out of it despite the fact its an offline feature. I unlocked the option to buy costumes off the store which isn’t available until March. So, why this game wasn’t released in August? I do not know.


This game is a solid 3 out of 5. This game really disappointed me. It’s and over glorified training mode essentially. Capcom had potential greatness on their hands but being cheap and rushing out an incomplete game got the better of them. But they aren’t the only culprates of this crime. When the industry is more concerned with lining their pockets instead of the passion, art, and giving the consumer their monies worth the ball gets dropped. And it’s my job as a writer to make sure you the consumer don’t get screwed.

My advice, do not buy this game for $60.00. Get it used, as close to $30.00 as possible. Hit up GameFly or Redbox. Go over a friends place and play it, it’s more fun on versus mode. But do not I repeat do not buy this game at full price. It’s just not worth it. HOWEVER if you’re a pro gamer and think you’re the next “Daigo the Beast Umehara,” then this game is made for you, you E Sporter. Just wait until the online is fixed.

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  1. F. Fdez says:

    The story is quite good. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

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