Review of the FC4 Hori Fight Pad

Time to find out if another piece of tech can step up your game Fighting Game Community with the latest review of Hori’s Fighting Commander 4 a.k.a FC4. I know sounds like a new government issued fighter jet, but it could make or break your fighting game skills. Lets take a look at the latest video to find out.

The things I did not mention in the video because I felt the video was long enough was the awkward feel to it. It was not too comfortable, but you just have to get used to it I guess and I felt that it should of had less things involved on the controller to make it much better for a fighting pad. I mean you have the main things available for a great gaming pad for the fighting community, however the switch to analog sticks were kind of weird and giving the options of the shoulder buttons is okay, but make the bottoms R3 and L2 while the top R2 and L2. Have both R1 and R2 on the face buttons as well as giving you the option to switch them to L1 and L2 was useless. Also there is no microphone support on the controller, but I am sure many of you have a work around for that already.






  • Adjustable Direction Pad: Angle the D-pad to suit your grip
  • Diagonal Input Sensitivity: Angle the D-pad to suit your grip
  • LR Button Toggle Switch: LR button toggle switch allows the R1/R2  buttons to be switched to the L1/L2 buttons, and the L1/L2 buttons to be  switched to L3/R3 buttons on the controller. By doing this, control of 8  standard buttons is possible with just the right hand
  • Six Button Layout:  Slightly larger buttons and layout make it ideal for fighting games.
  • Asymmetric Grip Design: Input special moves more easily
  • Turbo Function: Turbo function available for all buttons
  • PS4/PS3 Toggle Switch Switch between PS4 and PS4 mode.
    Improved Durabily 
  • Internal Rubber membrane has been improved for lasting durability. 


You get all this for $44.99, but as I stated in my video you would be better off with a different fight pad or stick to an arcade stick. The only thing I would justify is improvement in input lag and keeping the six button option. In that the FC4 from Hori gets 3 paws out of 5 and if you are still interested hit up Video Games NY to order your own if you are not in the New York. I definitely recommend visiting the store for a more in-depth look at all their products. Stay frosty gamers!


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