Review: X-Files the end is Near

Were back! X-files, bring them back, bring them back!! This was such an amazing series, I’m and ecstatic that it return. I hope that they go at it again next year. Wow.

Babylon: 3 and half stars. The new agents Einstein and Miller were annoying but once they start getting more into the case it got better. It was an incredible hallucination sequence with Fox. Wow. It is great to see the Lone Gunmen as well. The underlining story- a terrorist straps a bomb to himself, and blows up an art exhibit, and lives. While a coma, Fox has a plan to talk to him with some crazy mushrooms, Dana has a different way of finding out where the terror cell is. Enter Einstein and Miller who are Fox and Dana to the extreme! The hilarity comes when accidentally ingest the mushrooms. But his trip helps crack the case and they get their terrorists. This gets our 2 title characters closer as they contemplate they life of their son.


My Struggle II or- You’ve got to be kidding me! 5 stars. The Tag line in the opening credits is “This is the end”! Awesome! Cigarette Smoke Reveals the plot that brings the X-files into full circle-speeding up alien prediction of human extinction, by infecting all human with a trigger to turn off their immune systems through the small pox vaccine. Then, in turn, exposing the humans at a precise time to all know possible diseases at the same time! But there is a few humans that were given alien DNA to save them- And Dana is one of them. This was such gripping episode. Not the best, but it was up there. It had all the classic elements also- Dana trying saves us with science, Fox chasing down conspiracies in particular Cigarette Smoking man. Whoa! Dana is contacted by a blast from the past- Agent Reyes! She has been “nursing” CSM for the last 10 years. She tells Dana in essence that the cure is in her! So it’s race against time to save the world and to save Fox. Fox tries to confront CSM but he is taken ill during the pandemic. Once the cure is ready she races to save him but he is too far gone. She says he needs stems cell from their child. Then the aliens hover over them. And everything goes black! Are you kidding me!! What an ending. Could this be the series finale?


Tune in true believers! Fox, the network, are working out details for if it is viable to make another run of 6 episodes. But I believe Chris Carter’s “Ace in the hole” is a movie ready to go if Fox decline. If we truly believe, and get together as one voice, like we have done before then our passions will come to light. I want to believe…too! Keep moving forward.

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