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Samurai Pizza Cats the iconic anime of my youth that had me wake up early mornings before school is back in toy form. I loved this show so much and it was a cute version of Ronin Warriors to me of these Samurai warrior cats that delivered Pizza. You deliver pizza and fight the evil of Seymour “the Big Cheese” who was a rat constantly plotting against the emperor. Now, you can add your collection.

Samurai Pizza Cats Deserve a Home!

The series also is known as  Kyatto Ninden Teyandee is a Japanese exclusive toy pre-order from Play-Asia featuring all 3 feline warriors. All featuring full articulation and comes with a removable face plats and of course extra armor pieces. 

Box Contents:

  • 4 Eye parts
  • 4 Mouse parts
  • Charming sword glitter
  • Flute
  • Heart shuriken
  • Grip hand – 1 each
  • Open hand – left 1 each
  • Holder – left 1 each
  • Pointing hand – 1 each
  • Base stand
  • Face parts for power up

Each figure will go for $87.99 and pre-orders end on May 02, 2019 and the items will ship out on August 31, 2019. Hope you check out the toy line and be sure to click here

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