Say, “I Love you” Review pt. 1

What does love mean to you? It is a loaded question for some, especially for someone in my case who hardly experienced true love or rather mutual true love. At times love can put you in a stasis lock or shield your emotions from others, because you gain trust issues. In all that emotion you decide to shut down until a moment happens where someone that is not afraid of the thorns surrounding you. They decide to go through the dangers, climb all the walls reach just to say, “Hello”. It is okay if you feel threatened at first that is a natural defense, but what if that person is okay? Would you let love in?


Say, I love you is a romance anime that takes a young lady named Mei Tachibana who is a loner because of past situations that made her less trusting of people. The students that she is surrounded by do not make her mood any better since they tend to be full of themselves and some guys are a bit pervy for her liking. The safest thing to do is to keep to herself until that brave young lad named Yamato Kurosawa braves the thorns and a nice round house to say, “Hi”. My friends this is the beginning of a very interesting love story.

Some would say that a guy like Yamato being the pretty boy that he is can get any girl he wants and yet he decides to go after plain Mei. Mei is on the same side of feelings that she doesn’t feel worthy of someone like Yamato who has a rumored reputation of being with multiple girls and she does not want to be one of them for good reason. Yamato has a long journey in proving himself that he is neither shallow nor a hound dog, he is just a man looking for the right one to love. That is key in the end, because yes he could get any woman he wants, but that’s not how it works. It is not about anyone it is about the right one in the end.


It is that feeling you get in your heart and mind a connection with someone else that you want to grow old with that person. In my case it is a feeling I would say a connecting Ki or aura that you feel for the right person. The whole world is in black and white, but when she comes as the only person highlight in color making the whole world come to color with a simple hug. That is love.

Now there are challenges in keeping said love which we see in this series. Keep in mind I watched up to episode 6 before I decided to do part one of this review. So far it touched base on a lot of feelers and thanks to my homie Emochi for introducing me to this anime in the first place. The problem is that Mei and Yamato’s love has sparked a lot of haters be it females or males not understanding why they are together. Honestly this is none of your Damn business and that’s what wrong with people today. You have girls not getting why someone as pretty as Yamato ended up with plain Mei, because girls like them will never understand what Mei has to offer that they do not!


The same can go with the friends that they have in terms of Asami Oikawa and Kenji Nakanishi. Asami was picked on a lot for having a huge chest size which she even hid her pain behind a smile, until Kenji tried to help her from these two annoying chicks with overdone make up that started bullying her only to make things worse. His actions were genuine, but the way he preceded was uncomfortable. He did make up for it in the best way possible which I will show you in a clip below.

Say I love You reaction Video Clip

Posted by KumaZoku Entertainment on Saturday, February 6, 2016

He is charming, but a bit on the silly side, but what matters is that his heart is in the right place and now she trust her heart with him. (Tears) That’s love.

As I came closer to my goal episode things were going right for the two lovers Mei and Yamato, even when he met his little sister who had her own problems. However thanks to Mei starting to find her own ability to see the better in people it turns out right. That’s why I like Mei’s character a lot, even though she is still has some doubts about herself you see her grow into a confident woman and trying to help others grow too. One could argue that Yamato brought best out of her, but I believe Mei is bringing out the best in everyone. Before she came into his life he was kind of following the norm of what society thought of him. Mei saved him from his own stereotype.


Why does love always have its opposition? Now being a reformed enforcer I am very territorial with my women. Not to the point of owning or she can’t do anything, but where it comes to defending her honor! Enter this dou*he nozzle Kakeru Hayakawa who does the most dirt bag of moves by attempting to seduce Mei after Yamato steps away. This hit me at home, because I went through it once, but the guy succeeded and she left with him on our date…yea harsh. Either way the end results put me at good standings with Yamato where he decked Hayakawa with a nice right hook. It is a Di*k move to try to move on another man’s girl like that and even worse to admit to it as if nothing was wrong.

Now the struggle comes with another opposition is seeking to put a wall between Yamato and Mei in the form of an idol named Megumi Kitagawa who has fallen for Yamato. I can’t stand women with their own agenda to date a guy for the image and lucky enough Yamato saw through her intentions after she stated, “Doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend can you still be with me.” Not the exact words, but under the same lines and he felt the ruse. Now Megumi puts on a mask to befriend his friends to snake her way into his heart to put a wedge in their relationship which is technically working.

Mei is seeing how perfect they look together as they are working on a modeling shoot together and hearing everyone around her saying what she is thinking out loud is putting that doubt in her mind and heart again. This is bringing her back to square one before they met and that is no good. However we shall see how this all plays on in part two. Stay frosty!

Say, “I Love You” episodes 1 thru 6 gets  4.5 paws out of 5

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