Sea of Thieves New DLC Shipping In

The Sea of Thieves announcement at E3 was pretty darn swell. I have to say I am still new to the open waters being a pirate which comes with taking on the Undead, fighting Krakens and of course taking on fellow pirates at times whoever want to task me for my Booty! (That means treasure you dirty…) Now that the swelling has gone down we can discuss a bit about what we saw and what was just announced after the showcase.

Our own Pirate Shadowjin did a review of Sea of Thieves not too long ago and with that comes a lot of looting, upgrading your private with in-game vanities which is great. There is no paid advancement in weapons or powerful ships. All things in Sea of Thieves are in-game currency obtained only which is a nice touch. What was just announced is going to take the game and your pirate journey to the next level, especially since they hit a milestone of reaching over 1.5 million sailors. But now, we are about to get two new adventures of Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores.

Oooh da loli that was a scary vision she had, but I still feel as if that pirate got con’d out of some good coin for that orb. Either both DLC’s will hit the shores in July and September and I expect ye scoundrels to have your affairs in order, because once we hit the seas. It will turn red and we shall see who truly has their sea legs. But before all that the developers have dropped some new information on their twitter talking about the new Brigantine which is a 3 person vessel. Now pirates will have 3 choices when partying up and this makes the game quite interesting. There will also be a Row Boat option as well, but I felt that should have been something added a long time ago which would have been easier to board islands.

Anyway, that’s enough talk to you scurvy dogs! It is time to get your ships in top shape, get them battle sails ready and pray that the wind be in ye favor! Please check back for more news and details as it develops since we are in E3 2018. – Beast Out

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