Sekrio has Massive Replay Value

Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game coming from FROM SOFTWARE. It promises an action experience which you will have to learn from your struggles getting through heavy oppositions and of course utilizing the environment for your advantage. But what else is in store for this title? 


Sekiro at Taipei Game Show 2019

The one thing I feel that any single player game needs is massive replay value. In a translated interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki. He goes into some details on a few things we gamers should know. For example, the currency and experience are separated in the game. 

In SEKIRO, why did you choose to have both experience points and money? What would be the use of each?

In the ”Soul” series, money and experience points were one and the same. This time, we’ve made them separate. One of the major reason for that is that people get bored if resource management is the same. This time, players will use money as such and experience points for skills. That’s the idea. Players who got lost in the skill points had a lot of fun this time too.

As for the difference in use, regarding experience points or skill points, we have what’s called a skill tree in which players can choose which skill or which ability they want. As for money, it will be used as such, so players will find a shop and they can buy items there. I’m repeating myself, but the game is designed so that it will be fun to get lost in the skill tree. But this time, players will not get lost with how to use money.

If you want to take a gander at the full interview please click on this link

On a Beastly Personal note:

Not getting the full Souls vibe from this title, I am leaning more towards Tenchu series. Sitting with my friends during the reveal had me feeling a bit nostalgic and I am hoping for good things with this title. The main protagonist has a prosthetic weapon which should not be taken lightly as just such. It is a narrative piece stated in the interview which intrigues me more. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is going to have a March 22nd, 2019 release which is quite close. Will you be there at launch? – Beast Out – 


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