SFV Finally A Game for Gamers

The battle is about to begin and we are a few weeks away, but recently Sony has released a game modes trailer that will give you few that have not played the beta a closer look at what to expect in Street Fighter V.

I have to admit that Street Fighter V takes you back to its initial routes of old school combat vs. SFIV which was a bit user friendly. However do not be intimidated by the gameplay mechanics as this is quite the user friendly environment to learn all the things needed in SFV. I myself am a noob when it comes to the Street Fighter community, but so far I have had my joy in learning some of my favorite characters in the upcoming title.


In learning during the beta I also branched off from my usual main fighter Ryu to trying out Rashid and Necalli. I rather a game that helps you improve instead of making the gameplay too easy just for anyone to play without the learning. That separates the type of gamer you are and Street Fighter V is bringing us back to the days of us using our skills to unlock content.

It is about time we go back to days of old where we as gamers were treated with challenges and rewarded with extra content that we do not have to pay for. Gaming should never have been about buying abilities, unlocks and perks. It brings the question about your skills. It is that feeling of earning something instead of being “that guy” that can purchase everything.


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Granted I don’t mean this for Free-to-play situations, because that is in its own category. In the end let’s hope this sticks and more companies follow suit when in the fighting games community. After the crap with MK X I’ve had my fill of overpriced DLC. Stay frosty gamers!

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