Six Years of GTA V Online

Real talk readers, welcome and are you as surprised as I am how long GTA V is still going on. This has been a love/hate relationship with the online portion of the game. I migrated from the Xbox 360 version, PS3 and PS4 when it went to the Next Gen. Great storyline and the online portion was amazing in its vanilla stage. It was more crew friendly where you could send unlimited funds to a colleague if they needed help and no limit in stealing a car to sell. I mean do not get me wrong this game is made to be the bad guy whether you have morals or not. 

GTA V: Love and Hate Relationship Reason

I love what it offers and I also hate it what it offers. You have the lovely option of free DLC and I give Rockstar props for not following the Gacha formula. You get what you pay for and this is the true pay the win system. This is a true crew style game where you will need a strong organization to run everything that is going on. I myself Have a warehouse, night club, “Sugar Factory”, “Rock Candy Factory”, and Counterfeit business. Ah yes my Biker Club as well. 

I am not going to go too deep into the AssHats we have to face when playing the game. I had a buddy being hassled by some fool that killed him 40 times each time as he respawned. After the first 3 times my buddy just dropped the controller and watched. He asked this simple question that still goes on my mind, “How is this fun for him? I am not fighting back?”  But it came to end after he switch servers. It is part of the game, but still quite rude.

The Right People Make the Game Fun!

This is true in all counts, because my adventures from 2014 to present day has been an exciting trip. This has been the only game where you are either a semi bad guy or a full on bad guy. Yes that makes sense when you think on it. You can’t sugarcoat it that you are the villains of this story having cops after you, fighting other bad guys to make a profit and of course terrorizing the citizens of this city. Why does it get a pass though? 

In my opinion they should get rid of that and have you deal with the consequences of your actions with the cops. Here is the thing though, I feel that there isn’t enough of a penalty for other players actions. You destory our personal vehicle you have to pay the fine for it. I feel we need a bigger cool down when someone comes after another player for far too long and if they don’t accept or go into a 1 vs 1 deathmatch that player goes into passive mode automatically. 

Everything else is fair game though, I do like the challenge of making deliveries and having to fight off other players and if you are lucky enough to get a room with no players then you have to deal with high level NPC’s. 

Where We Are we Now?

In the latest DLC is the Diamond Casino expansion another free add on which features straight up gambling and new missions. This is a funny one since many countries are fighting the hidden gambling of loot boxes and crates through many games. So Rockstar in its own fashion seemed to say, “Screw it, we are not going to hide it and just add gambling!” You can do Horse Track Racing, Roulette, Poker and slot machines. If I were to suggest anything stick to the Roulette tables it is safer and of course Black Jack. Best way to earn chips that can be used in the Casino. This is the double currency method now where just like a real Casino you can turn your in game money into chips for the tables. 

So far XxCrystalline and I took on two missions after basking in our new pent house with mine having a full on Spa now. Finally seeing a return of an annoying character from GTA IV Bruce who is a DIVA. Done right you can make more money for your empire as long as you have at least 6 to 8 people in your crew. Sadly you are limited with certain organizations. With the biker club you can have I believe 8 in your gang, but with the Executive company you can have only 4 on your team. 


After talks about GTA VI in the works debating on where that will take place are we ready to say bye to the Online world of V? I know it will be improbable for our legacy to move on to the new online game instead of making a new online world. If they do decide to make that happen. If they are smart they keep the online and just make an expansion for GTA VI, however I do worry about the cost. In that, being said were you there since day one? What did you miss in your time playing? 

I hope to see you in the game be as allies or enemies, just have fun and don’t be a complete do**hebag! – Beast Out – 

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