Snowboard Kids Returning is a Great Idea

Yes, it is a click-bait title, but at least I respect you gamers in admitting to said click-bait title, which honestly not really click-bait when you think about it. Anyway Special Shoutout to Mike’s Monster Gaming and my cousin Mr. Trickster who inspired this post idea. These two are Nintendo enthusiast and have been for the longest time. I saw my cousin play Snowboard Kids a while ago and recently on Mike’s channel I saw him playing and realized that this needs a resurrection.

History Lesson:

Snowboard Kids is an exclusive for the Nintendo 64 back in 1997 which even spawned a popular sequel which was originally developed by Racjin and featured kids snowboarding in eccentric settings with a Mario Kart feel towards. I say that since you had power-ups and hazards to get passed in order to progress or take out your opponents. As you progress you can purchase better boards.

To be honest, I hardly played it in my youth, but when I babysat my little cousin he *tears* grew up so fast. I saw him play and even though I enjoyed the SSX series more, snowboard kids had potential and even came out with a sequel. Sadly on the Nintendo DS they tried for a more teen style Snowboard Kids simply called SBK, but it was horrible.

Ahem, Why Are we Here Kuma?

I am getting to that. So with the success of the Nintendo switch and being that it has been a year since its 2017 release I feel they need to bring some other ideas into a new light hence why I brought up Snowboard Kids should get a new revival. if Nintendo does read up on this and I hope they do then here is what we have in mind.

The level design must remain true to its wacky nature since it was catered to be so. You can have good snowboarding physics with a bit of imagination and silly antics. However, I asked Mike Few questions regarding this subject and here is what he had to say.

Kuma: Anything, in particular, you would like to be quoted on for the game that you would like to see in a Switch version?

Mike: mainly that it stays true to the original 2 n64 games with how wacky the levels kids and items are Report this message sent 9 hours ago from Mike’s Monster Gaming in the ds version they tried to turn them into teenagers, it was terrible

Kuma: Yea keep it like kids and that opens it to a lot of possibilities. What cast of special characters do you want to see?

Mike: if Nintendo ended up getting in on it I wouldn’t mind seeing like Ness or Lucas or the Splatoon kids be playable characters I feel like they would be an interesting fit.

Kuma: Kid Link or if they are bold do a kid version of Bayonetta would be a nice addition.

Mike: those would be interesting too and if Nintendo got in on it there would have to be a level for them for sure.

I would like to kick this thought up a notch with a short list.

  • Fox McCloud
  • Squirtle with the Sunglasses on.
  • Arms Character Ninjara and Min Min
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Kid Metroid
  • Koopa Kids

That’s just to name a few. Also added that each special character would have their own board that would suit them. This is all just a request in a way to give some old titles a new revamp while keeping the art style, just with better graphics to enjoy. I leave the thought to you the masses, what say you about the return of the Snowboard Kids series? Who would you want to be in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below. – Beast Out

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2 Responses to Snowboard Kids Returning is a Great Idea

  1. Dexter Lopez says:

    Oh man, thats the dream! I didnt even consider having 3rd party characters in the game. Now I need a proper Snowboard Kids 3!!

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