Sonic: Project Hero is Jaw Dropping

Good morning gamers and yes we are going on a different path with this special article. For years after the launch of the Dreamcast it seems that Sonic the Hedgehog has been going through a rough patch here and there. There have been signs of a resurrection with Sonic Generations, Colors and Sonic Forces. It seems that some fans and one in particular wants to remake an old classic that some could argue that sparked the bad reputation with the blue speedster. 

Sonic: Project Hero is what we need!

This is just an update build and as any Sonic fan wants to know is how will our hero move? If you watch through the whole video the developer seems to handle all the questions with a nice show and tell. The physics are amazing and this is what I expect for a next-generation Sonic title on a 3D platform. I like how fluid you can switch between running and into a slide kick, then into a ball. Then of course maneuvering is key going that fast and being able to change direction on a dime. 

Sadly there is not a concrete level to look at to really see how Sonic interacts in an environment. However, we get a glimpse of him running on water, wall jumping and using power-ups. Even better is seeing him transform into Super Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds orbiting around him before the full gold form appears which is a nice animation. It even comes down to the small details of Sonic doing a flip out of his roll. 

The sound quality is top notch HD from hearing his sneakers screech to a stop. Then you get the bounce sounds as well as even hearing the water splash as he runs on the surface. This is fan made quality at its finest. 

Be sure to subscribe to Hero on his youtube channel by clicking here and stay updated on his independent project. I just hope Sega sees the potential in his efforts and offers him a job to do a remastered version of Sonic ’06 or hell any sonic with this play style. – Beast Out – 

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