Sony Experience E3 Thoughts pt. 2

We are back with part two of our journey through the Sony E3 experience..I’m going to cut to the chase with new exclusives to the the PlayStation Franchise, starting with the famed chibi RPG series. I am only a fan of certain titles to this long series , and I will admit that I didn’t start playing until its debut on the PlayStation One back in 1997, but please excuse me for being vague, I just don’t want to spoil information that most already know by now.

World of Final Fantasy

Going from chibi to full sized is an interesting take on the Final Fantasy series. I am pleased that this will  head to both PlayStation 4 and PSVita, because Sony needs more games to be on that nice handheld. I don’t see myself playing this at home. I can enjoy this on the go and maybe meet up with others if player  interaction is available. n the trailer they showed Cloud of course to get fans going, but I am hoping to see some other characters involved like Kamari Ronso, Rain, and many others in the series. Will this be a character collection game? We will have to see when more information comes to light.

PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE - 2015 Press Conference - English_0004312000


Continuing with Final Fantasy news, Sony announced Final Fantasy 7, and I have to admit it is about damn time. This announcement blew the minds of many people in the theater.  I was going to show a straight, clean version of the trailer, but the reaction of the crowd was too damn good not to share:


SquareEnix should be ashamed of themselves for teasing us like that for so long, but there might be some changes to the series that I hope gamers will enjoy. I am thinking they might go the Final Fantasy XIII route, which I would not mind at all seeing how the cinematic features were amazing.  Also, please give us an option to save Aeris. I don’t think I can go through that heartbreak again.

Shenmue F*king 3 finally coming out with a Damn Kickstarter to boot!


I remember when the Dreamcast version first came out on September 9, 1999, and it was the best game I ever played with its open-world Japanese setting.  Shenmue came full circle with classic playable Sega arcade games, collecting of capsule toys, and of course, the combat. It was a great action-drama, and the sequel was even better, even though I had to fix my Dreamcast to play the Japanese version.; however, soon enough Xbox obtained the rights, and being able to play the US version made me so happy. But we were all left wanting more and nothing ever came.ow could you leave us so thirsty for a sequel Sega? It was wrong, and we almost gave up hope after sending  letters and capsule toys to the company.  We thought our prayers were not being heard, but then you dropped this gem at E3 during the Sony conference. Sony you cheeky ba*tards had me at hello with this surprise title and Yu Suzuki already released a kickstarter. Shenmue 3 is now at $3,256,937 and still rising. Good job Yu Suzuki, and I’m looking forward to when this game drops.

Call of Duty Black Ops III finally getting first dibs before Microsoft!


Yes, I know this is not a Sony exclusive title, but the information caught my interest since for many years Microsoft always had a jump on the COD titles by getting first dibs, meanwhile, DLC had Sony players waiting months later.. This time around that changes and it seems the developers felt the gameplay needed an upgrade as well. I’ve noticed that there are some adaptations to the COD series lately that makes me wonder why they are going towards the route of Titanfall. I mean Titanfall as well as Mirror’s Edge brought a whole new speed to first person shooters, with wall running, slides, and better mobility. Black Ops III takes that and kicks it up to twenty by incorporating a few things from those titles to give us a more fast-paced FPS experience. Check it out in the trailer below:

Of course the mutliplayer is something to take a look at as well since as we  all know that 90% gamers play the MP before the campaign or not at all.

I am looking forward to when Black Ops III drops this Fall on November 6th, and if you check out Emochi’s post on being a gamer on a budget, you won’t have to worry about being broke when this game drops.

Finally the one game that truly blew me away seems to be coming to a close…


It took me a while to get into the Uncharted series, and it wasn’t until part 3’s multi-player that made me go back and try out the previous two games. Nathan Drake our hero of Uncharted who I thought was voiced by Nathan Fillion who was actually voiced by Nolan North. Still, this comedic adventure was the right kind of anti-hero we all deserved in an adventure game. Yes, we had Lara Croft, but she was her own entity and Nathan just brought a certain action packed flare to the franchise, but I would not mind a crossover if that ever became a thing. Either way, we got some amazing news with the trilogy coming out on the PS4, and then the full gameplay preview of Uncharted 4 featuring driving mechanics that gave me such a geekgasm–I needed a few towels. And with that,  enjoy the preview:


Dammit Sony! Here, take my whole damn wallet with all my bank cards and even my paypal card. Just make me a special fan bundle and call it a day! As the songs states, “I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!” However, I can’t help but wonder why all of a sudden they are adding a brother to the mix All of a sudden, Nathan has a sibling that is in a deep situation, and of course, needs to be rescued.. I am going to be so broke in the new year, but it will be worth it.

Honorable mentions…

PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE - 2015 Press Conference - English_0004561300

The indie games coming from this company are quite interesting and freaky, especially Enter the Gungeon, Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls. These titles bring some bloody adult low-graphic goodness that many will enjoy.

I have to say that the ratio of game content was quite meaty this year,and that’s how E3 should be. If I have to give my Sony experience a rating, I would have to say a 4.5 out of 5. There was a lot of strong, enjoyable exclusive content, and a hefty amount of surprises that made many of us tear with joy. I am very satisfied with this year’s Sony performance, so please keep up the good work.
E3 is still going strong so be sure to check back as we cover some personal points to our favorite games. Stay frosty gamers!



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