Splatoon 2 Apparel Makes a Splash

You know what I love about being a gamer, geek, and nerd all at once? All the cool things you can enjoy and collect at the same time. I enjoy gaming apparel the most and it shows how dedicated you are to what you love. Right now it is going to be a Splatoon Fest as EditMode is releasing a new line of Splatoon 2 mesh caps for you fans out there of the combat paint splatter game on the Nintendo Switch.

You will have your choice of the King Flip Mesh Cap, Splatoon Ikavader Cap, and the Splatoon Yako Mesh Caps. There are a few that are Japan exclusives, but with Play-asia they can ship anywhere with additional shipping. I am going to get this out the way, yes we are affiliated with Play-asia.com and if you click anything play-asia related on our site as well make purchases it will help us out in the long run. At least we are not trying to lie to you fine folks.

King Flip Mesh Cap:
Splatoon Ikavader Cap:
Splatoon Yako Mesh Cap:

I will admit that they are a bit pricey, but so is any fitted hat based on popular trends like New Era. Definitely, check out Splatoon 2 which is available now on the Nintendo Switch and be sure to get your Splatoon 2 hats which are in pre-order right now onĀ Play-asia.com. The Splatoon 2 hats will be available in October 2017, so let them know Kumazoku Entertainment sent you. – Beast Out

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