Square Enix’s Live Stream was Magical

Wow, the stream of Square Enix showing off so much information for Final Fantasy XV with more game footage, information on the animated series, new CGI movie and so much more. I am going to contain myself for a moment because there was so much information going on that I literally jumped the hype train, took control and now riding this s.o.b into awesome-ville population us! First up let’s check out the new trailer to Kingsglaive.

This movie looks so impressive and with a nice strong cast of voice actors of Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and the lovely Lena Headey. The movie is set during Final Fantasy XV and will feature another side to the story that fans of the new game will enjoy and it seems the developers are going extreme with the content for FF XV. As of right now we have a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo where we get the opportunity to play as a young Noctis in what could be also a preview of how Kingdom Hearts will play when it finally comes out. Let’s take a quick look at the boss fight.

There were a lot of nice announcements, but what really got to me was the nostalgia of the team using a classic song and revamping it for Final Fantasy XV. The song stand by me originally done by Ben E. King. This time around it was covered by Florence + The Machine and even though it had a sweeter tone to it I still enjoy the original version which I felt would work too. Either way giving artist a chance to remaster a classic is okay.

In that I was asked the reason behind the song and when you watch the trailer they are four friends on this journey together. To me, this is an animated version of the movie “Stand By Me” in video game form. I swear if they have an old Noctis telling a story by writing a new novel about this while his kids are bugging him to go on a trip I will laugh.

The besides all that the best thing of the evening was the pre-order special edition of Final Fantasy XV.


This whole bundle of goodness is going for 269.99 and now before you get all broken about the price, it actually makes sense. The Noctis figure alone goes for 129.99 since it is a Play Arts Kai figure. You are also getting the Kingsglavie Blu-Ray movie, the full animated series, Hardcover ArtBook, and other bonus content which would go more than $269.99. If that is too expensive, understood and that’s why you have other options.

If you saw the stream please share your thoughts in the comments area, I would like to read what you felt about this upcoming title. Did you play the Platinum Demo? All things considered, I am putting in my pre-order. Stay frosty!

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