Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Full Reveal

Star Wars is a franchise that has been a hit or miss with me for a while now. I have not had a good experience of the universe since Forces Unleashed and Star Wars Old Republic MMO. This time around some of us are dizzy with anticipation to see what Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has to bring to a single player adventure. What we know is that this takes place after the Jedi Genocide and one Padawan survived Order 66. EA Play gave us Alpha gameplay to give us a look on what we will be doing in this new title. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Looks Good

So, of course, you start off the game with a mission tackling the Empire who have held Wookies hostage. I assume there will be side missions while on the main mission. Off the bat, I like the little helper buddy you have and of course using your lightsaber as torch lamp going through dark areas. I am not going to sugar coat some funny criticism as it does have some assassin creed elements with cool looking parkour. 

Thanks to many of the movies the developers are upgrading how Jedi’s handle combat with various abilities. Now we can see our hero pausing blaster fire in mid-air as Kilo Ren did, but with a twist of putting a trooper in front of the blast.  The new elite troopers that are trained to handle Jedi are always a nice touch being first introduced to me in episodes 1 through 3. I mean you would think there would be special training against fighting people with force powers and not just having the weaponry to deflect sabers. 

Speaking of Sabers, would it kill developers to let us choose the saber we would like to wield? I know this is nitpicking asking, but I am more than just one saber. I am a dual side saber kind of warrior. That’s just my small rant right there, proceed on. 

I do not know what is the obsession with any Sci-Fi game having bugs as enemies? It is always weird and feels overused. This Force pausing is like being a universal remote but for everything which is hilarious to me. I am already thinking of combinations of a trooper attacking me, I pause him during his attack and pull another trooper in the way hitting unpause to cause self-damage to one another. Sadly that is a pipe dream. 

I hope they change this because I can’t stand that enemies have Friendly Fire off so they can’t hurt one another. In a game with single player, why not have enemies having to be careful around one another. Or better yet get too antsy and hurt each-other by accident. 

Is it Canon or Not? 

The only reason why I ask this is because of other cameos, now I do understand that this is before Rogue One and We can’t expect to see Darth Vader or the likes of Obi-Wan since he is in hiding. But give us some other cameos besides Forest Whitaker’s Saw Garrera. We do get K-2S0 or it might be a different version of it. But you know throw in some other zingers to make it sweet. 

Final Thoughts:

Not bad at all and we get a pre-order date of November 15, 2019, which is intriguing as we saw an Alpha Footage. I guess it is too soon to be in beta, so hoping they release a demo as well. By the time you read this we are going to be starting Day One of E3 2019 so let’s get it popping. You can pre-order Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order right now by clicking here. – Beast Out – 

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