Stardew Valley – A Relaxing Game Review

Ah, another great sun filled day! What should I do today? Maybe I’ll check on my crops and water them. Maybe I’ll visit the locals and give gifts in order to win their friendship. Or maybe I’ll head to the mines and start mining some jewels and slaying some monsters. There’s just so much to do…in this game! What? You thought I was talking about in real life? Please, leave that socializing stuff to the non-gamers! Here’s another review from your magician Mr. Trickster, this time on Stardew Valley. I’m excited about this one!


I’ve been playing this game non-stop since I seen ProJared’s Let’s Plays and live streams about it (watch his stuff on YouTube btw!) and I have to say this game is SOOOOOO good! It plays like Harvest Moon where you do farm work to make a living and Animal Crossing where you interact with the people in town and partake in various activities. And that’s not all! You can also dungeon crawl in the mines, forage around in the forest, fish for…fish, help out in the community center, raise some farm animals, grow many and exotic crops, own a pet, make friends, get married, MY GOD, THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF TO DO!!! Seriously, this game gives you so many choices, it’s almost overwhelming.


Let’s talk technical about this game. Visually, it has pixel graphics and if you know anything about me, know that I love pixel art. And this game has plenty of visually stunning places and detail. Now sound and music, oh man, this game hits the nail with the sound effects and music! The music is so peaceful and in tone with the game and the sounds are surprisingly professionally designed. Serious, this game deserves at least an award for great sound design. It’s hard to believe this was all made by one guy. Yup, an indie game by one guy made all the great stuff in the game in a span of about 4 years. That’s amazing!


This game is very relaxing, very serene, and overall has so much content that makes you want to feel invested. I give Stardew Valley a whopping 4.9/5 Top Hats. This game is near perfect and it’s just going to get better over time since the creator is still behind this game making it better for his players. Hell, we might even see a multiplayer feature in the future, or maybe a workshop section for adding in mods. Only time can tell! I apologize for such a short review, but it’s better to just tell you to buy the game for $15 on steam and enjoy the hell out of this game. I recommend this game to any and everyone, even you Kuma! This is Trickster signing off to play some more Stardew Valley and until next review, Let’s Make Magic!

Oh, almost forgot! Check out ProJared playing this game on his Let’s Play channel and check out HIS review on the same game on his regular channel! Also, I play this game on my Twitch channel!

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