Steambirds Alliance Teaser

I have a few words for you to be interested in this game. Free-to-Play bullethell MMO RPG shooter. Okay, that was more than a few words, but if you want a closer look at what I am talking about, please direct your attention to the trailer below. 

Ace in the Skies with Steambirds Alliance

WARNING: The following information is an encrypted message from a high-ranking feline military official. They, for whatever reason, posed as a human person but obviously failed.  

Our meowtal enemeows — THE BIRBS *hiss claw scratch* — will attack the empire of our prrroud leader, Meowza, on Frriday, Aprrril 26. Ourrrr spies detect 60 simultaneous allied airrrrcraft in-bound (therrrrre are too meowny varrrriations to predict what arrrrmameownts they will use.) ! I don’t have meowch time remeowning. Think they have found meow out! You meowst warrrrn Meowza – brrring him this video captured by our spies…

**** end of transmission ****

Time to lock and Load!

This is a super cooperative experience with a 60 player free-to-play bullet hell MMO shooter that is going into closed beta from April 26th to the 28th. If you are interested in joining you can head on over to and sign up for a chance to get in on the action. There will be other chances and hopefully through us here to get a beta key which closed betas will be going all throughout May. 

Be literally a bird of prey as you fly with fellow flock members with up to 60 players. This open-world experience will have you face off against hundreds of unique enemies, secret missions, and of course different planes to fit your style. It is up to you and your team to end the chaos of Meowza once and for all. 

I am quite interested in Streambirds Alliance and it seems it could have some fun future DLC in the works. Hopefully, you can check out my gameplay of this new title over on my twitch channel. – Beast Out – 

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