Stop Saying ‘Bye Felicia’, and Buy Her Book!

As I was riding the bus from Boston to New York City, my eyes were tearing up. Not because someone was giving birth to a fat deuce in the toilet next to me (I boarded with group C and had to sit next to the bathroom), but because I was reading Felicia Day’s biography, You’re Never Too Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir. This book was everything I expected and more. I was afraid that I was too hyped for it, and I would be disappointed – kind of like when you’re excited by the trailers for a new Marvel movie, and then realize during the movie that…FUCKING FOX!!!


<Alright I’m back. I’ll patch that hole in the wall later>

When Felicia Day announced she was writing a memoir, I bought it the second it was up for preorder. She didn’t even have a title for the book at the time, but I didn’t care. I knew this book was going to be important to me. I was so excited when I pre-ordered. I just had to tell everyone. I made a post on Facebook that Felicia Day was taking my money already (2 likes, thanks Inge and Carolyn. You get me!). At lunchtime I told my coworkers I bought her book, and they just had that, “OK. Cool story bro” look on their faces. I was so pumped, that it was making it hard for me to remember Felicia Day is “situationally famous” (read the book, she explains); therefore, I was busting at the seams to to tell anyone who might feign some modicum of interest.

You see, I knew this book was going to mean a lot to me because Felicia Day has the career I have been craving for many years, but I somehow never seem to know where to even begin. Before I read her book, I identified with her on so many levels. We’re both gamers, but not professionals at it. Gaming is just something we love. It seems like everything she posts on her vlog, whether it’s making soap bars or taking an intro course about Parkour is something I would be interested in too. She has a wide array of interests and explores them while fans subscribe and watch her videos. When I watched The Guild for the first time, I thought, “Wow, did she spy on me for the past 10 years when I was playing MMOs and write a screenplay about it?!” I often look at her success, and then think, “We’re so similar. Why don’t I have a piece of the same pie she’s eating from when she and I are the same age and like the same things?” I couldn’t wait to read her book and find out what secrets she would reveal about the magic of her success. So you want to know the TLDR (too late I know) of why she is “situationally famous” and I’m still existing in the shadows of everyday 9-5:30 monotony? She worked her fucking ass off to do what she loves; I have not.


Now I know that last sentence sounds totally judgy, and to some extent it is. I’ve known for a while that I suffer from a mental disorder called inertia. I dream big, but then I come home from work every night and do the same thing — gaming. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you have a vision of the type of person you want to be, all of your ‘now moments’ should answer yes to the question, “Will this help get me to where I want to be?” What I love about Felicia’s memoir is that she too suffered from the exact same problem I think a lot of us face. Day after day, she was in a rut that never propelled her in the direction of her dreams. In fact, she’s very candid about her gaming addiction. Her memoir painted a real picture of how it was a slow, deliberate, difficult process. It was not easy. It was not luck. There was a ton of rejection and failure that instilled doubt in her choices. It was none of this being in the right place at the right time bullshit you hear about. It was through her willpower and tenacity that she overcame the biggest barrier to her success — herself. That point of her memoir was the epiphany that made me choke up on the bus ride to New York. The person whose career I have admired for so many years faced the same problems I have, and wrote about how she overcame them.


I highly recommend this book for anyone who has big dreams of following their passionate weirdness in life, but somehow feels trapped in staying within their mediocrity. For me, it was an aha moment in my life when reading it, and I would go so far as to say it was transformational. Even if you’re not looking to be the next SUPERSTAR!, I think you would still enjoy reading this book. There is a comment made by THE George R.R. Martin within the cover of her book that sums it up perfectly, “…Reading this is like sitting down and having dinner with her, and hearing the story of her life between the clam chowder and the cheesecake. I can’t imagine a more charming or amusing dinner companion. Felicia is a lot of fun, and so is her book“. So with that said, BUY THIS BOOK!! And Felicia, if you ever somehow stumble upon this article and read it, “Thank you”.

KZoku rating: 5 out of 5


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