Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review

What’s up people? It’s ShadowJin here and just last week Capcom released their 30th-anniversary HD collection of the Street Fighter Series. Now I’ve been a huge Street Fighter fan since I was around the age of 3 or 4. I remember having Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting and then Street Fighter 2 New Challengers on Sega. My brother and my Mom would play it from time to time but, I was always on it. So, when this was announced I was already excited to relive those memories. I mean, you get 12 classic Street Fighter games in their original arcade versions and some really cool artwork for those games. How can you not be excited about it? If you pre-ordered it you also got Ultra Street Fighter 4 which is a nice little deal for $40. The big question though is whether it’s worth it or is it just another Capcom quick cash grab?

This collection includes the original Street Fighter arcade game, the Street Fighter II series (World Warrior, Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting, Championship edition, New Challengers Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo), Street Fighter Alpha series (1-3) and the Street Fighter 3 series (New Generation, 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike). That’s actually an impressive lineup of games to have in your collection. Each of them will definitely bring you back to the time when you landed your first Shoryuken or your first Spinning Bird kick. Not only that but, if you remember all the little secrets in those game, they still work. For example in Super Street Fighter II Turbo you could play as Akuma by doing a series of stuff on the character select screen (Go to Ryu for 3 seconds, then head over to T.Hawk for 3 seconds, then go to Guile for 3 seconds, followed by Cammy for another 3 seconds and then go back to Ryu and press all 3 punches and start when you pick Ryu.).

Now you can be cheap and body people with air Hadokens as well as Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (spin kick for those that have a hard time saying it) into Shoryukens. While each of these are very fun to play and relive, the artwork is actually really super cool to look at as well. I’m a big fan when it comes to that stuff. You get to see some of the directions they were heading before the finished product.

While this collection is fun and brings us all back down memory lane, there are quite a few issues that set it back. Some of those issues are the fact that you only get to play online with 4 out of 12 titles, online matches can be very laggy and aggravating at times, lack of online options. Out of all the titles, you can play online the only options you get are Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Which isn’t bad but, when you line it up with everything else that this collection comes with, that’s only one-fourth of what’s there. When you do get a match online there’s no way of knowing what your opponent’s connection is. Therefore, you have to hope they’re not using some potato ass internet connection.

For example, Kuma and I were playing in a lobby and someone joined in and their connection was so awful that the game lagged to the point where one of Kuma’s moves wouldn’t come out. That was a total nightmare to watch. One last thing that was found by players in the collection is that Street Fighter III: Third Strike has a 1 frame lag input. For those wondering what that is, it’s basically the time it takes between the button press and the time for the character to move. Now it could be the fact that these games are being emulated that’s causing it but, that shouldn’t be the case of the issue. All of these can be a bit of a turn off when it comes down purchasing it. Especially for those who have the option of grabbing it on the Nintendo Switch, who not so long ago got an exclusive Ultra Street Fighter II at the price of $40 last year.

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Long story short this collection could’ve easily gone for $30 instead of $40. That is unless they are able to fix these with update patches. Not only that but, for me if you really want it to be worth it why not throw in Street Fighter X Tekken??? This does seem like a quick cash grab from Capcom but, if you’re a huge fan then it’s understandable as to why you would grab this. As a Street Fighter fan, I would give this a 3 out of 5. Still enjoyable once you get through all the flaws. This is ShadowJin signing out and gamers remember…GAME ON!!!!

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  2. jaganar says:

    5 stars for the detail as usual ….hitting us up with the actual history of the series ( old school pizzaria that was in coop city btw ) im proud of my sf experience back in the day ,

    i wish they did the SvsT tho , cus im still mad they only did the first half .

    tekken vs street fighter would have dominated ,

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