Street Fighter V’s New Character Rashid Joins the Fight

I love it when something new happens in a fighting game and when the developers use their imagination to bring in a nice contender. Enter Rashid, who to me is a mixture of Ki, Kaphawn, Vega and Joe Higashi in one lethal package. This is awesome and I am digging the fact that he is a close range fighter which brings in a nice tactic to get around those projectiles all the freaking time. Oh my good gamers just check out the trailer!


The Info on Rashid:

Joining the series from the Middle East, Rashid is an easy going and laid back character that has a very keen interest in technology and the latest gadgets on the market. His fighting style takes cues from parkour and he mixes it up with his unique ability to harness the power of wind. Always first in line to buy new tech, he uses these devices to research and create his fast-paced acrobatic moves, leaving his opponents in the dust and wondering what’s coming next.


Is it just me or does it look like he is rocking a scouter? If that is the case are we going to see a homage to the Street Fighter animated movie where the cyborgs saw the power level of each fighter? That would be pretty neat if you think about it.


The world fighters are finally getting into formation and definitely get ready for Street Fighter V on both the PlayStation 4 and PC next year. The world warriors are growing even more and I hope they continue bringing out more unique characters or some old ones, like I don’t know Sean! That would be nice Capcom.


Let the games begin and be sure to check back as more information develops on Street Fighter V. Stay frosty gamers!

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