Styling Pokemon Sneakers and Other Custom Shoe art

You know what? I can dig paying an interesting amount of money for custom made gear and hitting up just blew my mind on their custom apparel. I don’t get caught up by clothes much, but these cute Squirtle sneakers are on point and the detail on the art is amazing.

Squirtle Sneakers 2

There are a few other styles that caught my eye, but what had me at, “OH SNAP!” was the pricing. Please keep in mind that this is an overseas company so you will have to do the currency calculator for your particular shoe size and price. However the biggest size in the UK is 46, but I am in the Fifties and the price for the size 46 is 110,00 € which is $124.14 in US currency. I expected a bigger pay out considering that these are custom made pieces of fine art for your feet!

These Marvel kicks are impressive.

These Marvel kicks are impressive.

Bobsmade also customize shirts, eyewear and headphones which can make your whole style fit you perfectly. I would head over to and checkout the site and if you are interested you can submit work to be put on your favorite items. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Stay frosty!


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4 Responses to Styling Pokemon Sneakers and Other Custom Shoe art

  1. Iselynne says:

    These have some lovely designs!
    Personally, I’ve never been that into having designs on shoes. Maybe it’s because I have lived in cold contries with a lot of snow and rain. Shoes like these won’t be used much, especially if you are worried about them getting dirty.
    That said, the site has some pretty lovely headphones I’d love to wear. Zelda design on headphones? Yes please!

  2. Red Aloia says:

    I think of get one of these.

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