SupaRetron HD Review

When a retro console gets a present-day upgrade can save you a lot of money or give you better quality for your classic titles. I have been seeing a spike in either companies improving on old consoles and new games for said retro titles. So, here you are checking out my latest review (thank you for that) on the Supa Retron HD which only plays SNES titles. Is it worth it?

Oh, I am going to save you some time with this video review I did just for you!


  • Supports both HDMI and Composite Support
  • 2 controllers in the box
  • Comes with an HDMI Cable
  • NTSC and PAL Support
  • Aspect Ratio Switch from 16:9 to 4:3


  • It just plays SNES
  • The Price is way too high at 69.99 to 74.99 depends on the seller.
  • I had to play Shaq Fu…(that’s a joke, don’t count that)



It is a simple system that is good for anyone that just wants to only play SNES games, but the fact that the price is marked so high is a downside. There are other systems that cost the same price that plays more than just the SNES and would be worth more as an investment. Video Games NY has many systems that feature many options to play your favorite retro titles, so I suggest checking them out.


Supa Retron HD is nice, but I am going to have to give it a hard pass. It gets 2 paws out of 5 and definitely shop around since retro is making a nice comeback and you have options gamers. I hope you enjoyed this review and please return back as we check out more games and information. – Beast Out





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