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Seeing Red: The Blacklist Episode Review


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So let’s get our own recap: Red Reddington is a unique character. Red is on the FBI most wanted list. One day he just ups and turns himself in. He is sent to section Chief Harold Cooper who can’t get a word out of him. Red says he will only talk to a new recruit Liz Keen. Now here’s the core of the show: Red has a list of nasty criminals that fly under the radar that can cause global havoc at the drop of a dime. The Blacklist;Just like our other favorite shows- Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield, the core story could be exciting, or the they could be boring. So what keeps us going. The back story. In this case even in season 2 we are still wondering: Why Lizzy? Why these criminals?, who is the syndicate that Red is running from?, Is Red Lizzy’s daddy?, And today episode Who what why is the Fulcrum!