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Skin Trade Review

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I am a Beast trying to get his game on. Living by the ways of the Konami Code for many years until I decided to share my knowledge and opinions of the gaming world for you mortals. I hope you enjoy the content that we provide here! - Beast Out -
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Disclaimer: ’20 to 30 million individuals are trafficked worldwide annually. An estimated 98% of sex trafficking victims are women and children.

There are many things in this world that we face every day and many of us pray that none of it comes our way, but what if the worst case scenario were to happen to someone you loved? What would be your first course of action? For many of us, we are powerless, but for Nick Cassidy who is a loving Husband and a devoted father, when his family was put in danger the only thing that went through his mind is revenge. That situation where the bad guy has pushed a nobleman to the brink of ultimate destruction and anyone gets in his way is going to pay.