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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 1 – 7 Review


Dexter Lopez, the creative trickster with a passion for story telling. From drawings to animation to coding, he can do it all!

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You know how most spin-off shows never make it past the first few episodes before being cancelled due to it being compared to its predecessor and never being as good? You know how crossovers can easily fail if not done right? This is both a spin-off and a crossover between The Flash and Arrow and so far, it’s breaking those stereotypes. Welcome to another review from me, Trickster, and this time we are tackling DC’s newest show Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s get into it!

Future: Goldfish’s Top 15 for 2015


Guest Writers One and All.

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Now that we’re 2 weeks into the new year, everyone has said their “I do’s” and set resolutions to their new products, projects and entertainment for this 2015 and I, Goldfish, will be doing a walkthrough of some of my top 15 anticipations for the year so far… Let’s begin shall we?