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That Street Symphony Featuring Mariko

Beast Gamer Kuma

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I am a Beast trying to get his game on. Living by the ways of the Konami Code for many years until I decided to share my knowledge and opinions of the gaming world for you mortals. I hope you enjoy the content that we provide here! - Beast Out -
Beast Gamer Kuma

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Living in NYC you tend to get drown out by all the hustle and bustle, with all the street preachers, as well as the annoyance of bickering commuters. However there is a slim chance that your ears can catch something magical in a way that mutes the whole world around you. There are times where you just stop and relax for that brief moment to hear the sounds of one particular entity. This happened to me about two months ago hitting up the N,R,Q lines on Times Square and inside that small platform was a siren drowning out the world. Take a listen to this youtube video “Losing Faith” a live session.